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Anti-Theft Security Steel Box Case for ScoutGuard SG880MK, SG580M, SG550M, MG882MK series
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Anti-Theft Security Steel Box Case for ScoutGuard series SG880MK-8M, SG580M, SG550M, MG882MK-8M series

Guard against Vandalism and Theft NOW: 

Mounts to Security BoxSpecial OPS, Wildlife Monitoring, Hunting Cameras & Covert Security Solutions
Weather shield Cover Security Steel Box, Camera and Python cable lock not included.

Weather Cover, Snow cover. helps keep rain and snow off of your camera.

Designed for Genuine ScoutGuard SG880MK-8M, SG580M, SG550M, MG882MK-8M series. Item comes with hardware to bolt to the back of your security box. Insert bolts through the slotted bungee cord holes on the back of your box with the nuts to the inside of the box.

 It may also be strapped via the cameras mounting strap for simple installation.It can be used when you need to mount a external high gain antenna seen above

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