Catch Your Poo Jogger with Pro’s Choice

If you live in Brisbane or if you just like to keep up to date with online trending topics, you’ve probably heard of Brisbane’s latest “poo jogger” who was recently caught in the act. For those of you have no idea what we’re talking about, Andrew Macintosh, 64, was recently caught defecating on a pathway at a Greenslopes apartment complex on Logan Road in Brisbane.

It wasn’t just once, either. Residents of the apartment complex advised they had found evidence of his dirty deeds on more than one occasion. After growing increasingly frustrated, they bought a wireless night-vision camera to try and catch Macintosh in the act.

We never thought we’d have to say that capturing poo joggers was not the intended target of our night vision cameras, but it’s nice to see that they’ve contributed to justice being served!

Amateur sleuthing is on the rise

This isn’t the first time someone has been caught on camera doing something they shouldn’t. Thanks to advances in technology from leading camera brands such as Spypoint and ScoutGuard as well as a bourgeoning online market, prices for quality trail and security cameras have seen a significant reduction in price. This means more and more people have been investing in quality cameras to keep an eye on their pesky neighbours.

Cyber investigator Simon Smith told that amateur sleuthing is on the rise. “The average person is a little bit more savvy and they kind of investigate things themselves. It’s actually getting justice for a lot of people. From a crime perspective, it has helped.”

He went on to say, “If you see an incident, it’s well worth recording it because there are situations where the truth is not always said in court.”

You’ll never know what you’ll catch with our cameras

The night-vision camera the residents at Greenslopes purchased came with motion detecting sensors, designed for capturing elusive wildlife. With no-glow flash technology, these cameras won’t spook animals – or poo joggers. They can also wirelessly send you any photos taken, so even if you’re not at home when your local poo jogger strikes, you’ll have your evidence on hand.

While we can’t say for certain which brand or model the Greenslopes residents purchased to capture Macintosh’s dirty deeds, we can tell you that Pro’s Choice have a wide selection available online for anyone wanting to keep watch over their own front doors. Get your "poo jogger camera" today from us.