Choosing The Right Flash For Your Needs

There’s a galaxy of choices to make when choosing a trail camera, but one of the most important decisions to make is which kind of flash you’ll be using. While most handheld digital cameras have nearly identical stock flashes, trail camera manufacturers have developed a range of flash options suitable for hunters, park rangers, and security personnel, so matching your needs to a flash type is crucial.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the range of options available for trail camera purchasers, looking at the different flash types and who they’re most suitable for. Read on and make an informed choice next time you head out into the bush.

White flash

Say cheese! A white flash trail camera looks just like a modern digital camera when it takes a photo, producing a highly visible and extremely bright flash of light to illuminate the scene. The upside of white flash cameras is that they are the only model that can capture beautiful, full colour shots. The downside is that they have a habit of scaring game – making tracking them afterwards that much harder. If you’re a park ranger or conservationist tracking specific individual animals, the extra detail provided by a white flash could be for you. If you’re a hunter or in security, you may want to consider something a bit subtler.


No glow cameras are equipped with black LEDs that are invisible to both humans and animals. The flash on these cameras allows you to illuminate scenes with zero chance of scaring game, at the cost of producing only black and white photos. Technically minded hunters who are looking to invest in a 3G-enabled camera for faster, near-real-time response to photographs of game could consider a no-glow in order to minimise the risk of scaring away the animal.


The middle-of-the-road, low-glow cameras produce a dim red glow that while difficult to see is still visible to the naked eye. This offers a trade-off between the brightness of white flash and the subtlety of no glow cameras. While still taking black and white photos, low-glow camera users can expect better illumination of the scene than with a no glow camera, but as with all models, read up on reviews before you commit, as all low-glow cameras are not created equal.

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