What the Pros Look for in a Trail Camera

There are a lot of gimmicks out there these days when it comes to new cameras. As technology continues to
advance, manufacturers continue to try new things that may or may not be useful. If you’re in the market for
a new trail camera, the question to ask yourself is what features are nice to have and what ones are non-
For those of you wanting to get into professional trail photography, we cover our top 3 most important
features. From brightness modes to photo management, keep reading to find out what the pros look for!

A flash that doesn’t spoke your animals or miss any detail
One of the most important features of any camera is the flash. A lot of thought goes into the type of flash a
trail camera has – specifically how many LED lights are used to comprise its flash. Today, a lot of quality
cameras offer infrared LEDs, with the top of the range providing what is known as Black Flash. This ensures
any animals that walk into your camera’s line of sight won’t be spooked by bright flashes.
Most importantly, a high-end camera can automatically adjust the strength of the flash depending on how
close the animal is to your camera, which avoids whiting out any of the details in the photo.


A burst mode that captures every millisecond
Even smartphone cameras offer burst mode these days. For home photography it’s a great way to capture
the most natural looking image – and the same can be said for trail cameras. When tracking animals, you
don’t want to miss any detail, especially if more than one walks by. That’s why the trigger speed on your
 burst mode is exceptionally important, a feature that high-end trail cameras keep improving upon.

An easy to use photo management system
Checking on your camera after a month only to find out the SD card became full a couple of weeks ago can
be some trail photographer’s worst nightmare. That’s why a lot of quality trail cameras are now connected
via 3G/4G, so you can view your photos remotely and store them on the cloud as well as your SD card. Make
sure the camera that you choose has an easy to use app for photo management.

Only the best at Pro’s Choice
Lastly, the most important thing to consider when selecting your new camera is the brand. Only well-known,
established branded cameras can deliver these features – and more. This is because they have the funds
available for research and development, unlike smaller unknown brands that simply wait for the
functionality to become commonplace. The good news is if you buy through Pro’s Choice, you’re guaranteed
to get the best price – even on the big brands!