Reconyx Microfire MS7 – Keeping Our Streets Safe
Security cameras are useful crime deterrents. Even having a sign that says “security cameras are
present” can sometimes do the trick to ensure people are doing the right thing. But what about
those select few who aren’t worried about your sign, convinced that your camera isn’t going to
clearly identify them anyway?
That’s where the Microfire MS7 comes in handy. With this latest camera from leading US brand
Reconyx, you can discreetly capture images and video footage of potential suspects with their car
license plates clearly readable. Keep reading to learn more about the Reconyx Microfire MS7.

Capturing license plates of crooks for local councils & police
Pro’s Choice are the preferred supplier in Australia for local councils and government departments
who are looking to catch fly tippers and illegal dumpers in the act. We recently supplied the NSW
Environment department with another Reconyx camera – the Hyperfire 2 – and the Microfire MS7
now looks to be a top choice for councils as well.
The MS7 records video at a resolution of 720p and features GEN2 NoGlow covert infrared
illumination that helps to provide images from up to 50 feet away. This means even if your illegal
dumpers park a way off, you’re still likely to catch their details to pass onto the necessary

Ideal for protecting carparks and garages
With Wi-Fi connectivity that enables you to access the camera remotely, transmit images and
download video from 100 feet away, the Reconyx Microfire MS7 is an ideal choice for protecting
carparks and garages. From strata management companies wanting to secure a unit complex’s
communal garage, to shopping mall owners wanting to protect their carparks, to businesses looking
to safeguard their parking spaces, the Microfire will get the job done.
Simply connect the MS7 to the mobile app for either iOS or Android mobile devices and keep an eye
on the comings and goings. The mobile app is simple to use and will allow you to check the camera’s
status, as well as customise and program a variety of useful settings.

Secure your property with Pro’s Choice
Whether you’re a homeowner, a businessowner or a part of a local council, the Reconyx Microfire
MS7 will help to keep your property secure and ensure all license plates of potential perpetrators
are readily captured.
Pro’s Choice are committed to providing the highest quality cameras at the most affordable prices to
clients all across Australia. Order your MS7 today – and get a discount for bulk orders!