Protect Your Farm with This Smart Security Solution

Every day, we are looking for ways to improve the ways we can monitor and protect our homes and farming land. Advancements in technology continue to make our lives easier through the creation of smart tech solutions that can save us copious amounts of time and energy. To find out how to effectively protect your home and land, read on.

To safeguard and protect our homes and farming land projects, we need to find a solution that is smart and has the capabilities to intelligently inform us, wherever we may be, should there be any security threats. Enter the Browning Defender 940.



The Browning Defender 940 Trail Camera BTC-10D

This camera offers a unique solution, as it is the only camera that allows for a ‘live view’ option. With this solution, you can have access to preview and download crisp imagery and gain access into full HD quality videos, straight onto your mobile. The Defender 940 can sync up with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections via the Browning Trail Camera mobile app (available on Apple and Android). For more information about the Browning Defender 940, click here.

Key Features of the Defender 940:

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Connectivity – With the Defender 940, you are able to directly view and download the photo and video content from the camera straight onto your smart phone. You are also able to stream your camera’s current view and remotely adjust your camera’s settings, if you are within 55 meters of your camera.

Motion Sensor – Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) integration means that your camera will automatically capture an image in response to detecting any unauthorised movements. When a detection is made, you will then be notified on your mobile device and a captured image will be sent directly to your phone.
Monitoring the Environment – The Defender 940 has innovative software that is able to continuously screen the current time, dates, temperature and moon phases. Determining moon phases is crucial in seeing which animals are likely to be roaming around and is helpful in determining which camera lighting conditions to activate.
Solar Panel – Never miss any action due to a battery outage. The Defender 940 is easy to pair up with a solar panel, meaning you won’t ever have to worry about your camera set up ever running out energy.

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