Using Trail Cameras for Your Home Security

We know that you wouldn’t usually turn to trail cameras as your home security option, with most people relating this camera type to hunting or wildlife surveillance. Tap into the benefits that this versatile and resilient camera offers, and protect your home effectively and discreetly. With their noted camouflage appearance and low glow technology, they could be the perfect addition to your home instead of your hunting trip.

What features will this add to my home security?

Home security cameras and trail cameras may have more in common than you think, given that both work off of motion sensor capabilities. But trail cameras also offer more than that, and that’s why placing them around the exterior of your home can be highly beneficial and, at times, the more affordable option. These are just some of the perks you could expect from a trail camera, and the features that you should include when purchasing one for your home security. 

  • Videos
    One of the main features that you should seek when looking for a trail camera as your home security option is, of course, video. One of the most beneficial options for home security is finding a trail camera with HD video, as it will make night-time movements clearer and allow you to more readily see trespassers.
  • Motion Sensor
    All trail cameras come with a motion sensor, which is highly beneficial feature to have in a home security camera. What does vary in this feature is the range and angles by which it detects motion. Make sure that when purchasing this as a security camera around your home that you cover this basis and find the best fit for your property!
  • No Glow
    This point is vital for your home security camera. Any flashes or light display will give you away and allow intruders to see your camera, even if it is well hidden. No glow cameras use infrared technology to take clear pictures both daytime and night-time, without alerting the intruder with camera flashes. Ensure your trail camera has this functionality in order to get the very best out of your home security.
  • Wireless
    Get a camera that is able to send you real time images and video footage by ensuring your trail security camera is wireless.They will not only send you up to date footage, but will send alerts immediately at the sight of trespassers. In a matter of seconds, you can have live footage sent to your phone, and monitor your home no matter where you are. If you are trying to catch trespassers, this is one of the best functionalities that your trail camera can have.

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