What is Camouflage?

Camouflage is a not just a fashion choice, but originated in the attempt for individuals to conceal themselves in natural settings, amongst trees, within deserts, or the snow. The art of camouflage differs dependant on the environmental factors of the area. With the use of the right colour combinations and materials, concealment is made easy. Not only can you camouflage people, but cameras, equipment, tents and vehicles.

Camouflage in Nature

Born from nature, and the way that parts of the environment concealsitself. Mainly, camouflage is an adaptation of the way that animals use the landscape around then to disguise themselves from prey or predators. The art of camouflage all comes down to colour, and blending into surroundings of the same colouration. From years of evaluation, humans started to create outfits that allowed them to conceal themselves in nature, used heavily throughout history in war situations.

Camouflage in Military

Military operations have greatly benefited from the inclusion and evolution of camouflage over the years. Based on the way that animals used nature around them, outfits were created for humans to blend into different environments in order to conceal themselves in war situations.Different colour combinations are used based on the terrain, such as:

  • Green, brown and black for woodland patterns
  • Tan, brown, reds and khaki for desert landscapes
  • Greys and blacks for urban spaces
  • White and light greys for snow covered areas
  • Greens, browns and blacks for jungles


Camouflage with Hunters

Depending on the landscape they are in, hunters have taken to wearing camouflage clothing in order to conceal themselves. The environment must be considered to avoid using colour combinations that are easily detected by the animals they are hunting. Camouflage is often used by hunters in combination with a range of equipment, such as trail cameras, night vision cameras, bags, hats, shoes and more. 

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