ScoutGuard BG662-D 4K Dual Flash Wide Angle Cam

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2024 MOST ADVANCED Model that ScoutGuard has ever produced. ScoutGuard BG622-D 56 Mega pixel Black Flash for Security  or White Flash for Wildlife - comes in 110 Degree Lens wide angle view 4K Video Camera

Top of the range flagship very powerful new BG622-D trail camera is now available. This is a technology breakthrough wonder from the makers of trusted brand ScoutGuard. This awesome camera is packed with advanced Dual Flash technology, now comes with FISHEYE FOV(Field of View) 110° Lens, 56Megapixel records 4K ultra high definition videos with audio and uses the latest Black Flash technology with Anti blur motion technology. PIR motion can detect up to ultra long 100 feet. 

BG662-D is a 56MP Dual Flash 4K Wide-angle hunting camera can captures 56MP COLOR photos and 4k videos days and Nights. The trail camera uses White LED to take COLOR photos or videos at nights or 940nm Black IR LED lights which enable it to take black photos or videos at night in covert mode. BG662-D has waterproof grade of IP68 and it behaves excellent both in day and night and can work normally in rainy and snowy weather. The lens of this hunting camera is 110 degree wide angle, which is developed by Boly itself. Photos taken by this camera has a wider view than other cameras.

The Built-in Colour display LCD is mounted inside the camera so you do not have to worry about downloading the pictures into your PC or swapping the SD memory card.With new advanced features such as memory management, Cam + Video functions, Time lapse, and serial number enable to embed code locations in the photos, BG622-D is surely a winner in the field.

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  • Dual Flash with 940nm Black Flash IR & White LED
  • 56 Mp image resolution and and 4K UltraHD videos with sound
  • Frame rate: 30 frames per seconds
  • Zero Glow or Dual Flash colour photos,menu selectable to program.
  • WIDE VIEW: Centered capture: 120° wide angle FOV (field of view)
  • Uses new No motion blur technology
  • Can take color or black & white photos/videos at night
  • Super long range 100ft detection with 80 degree,80 feet lighting
  • IR range 6-12 meters adjustable
  • Work Hour Off On (00:00~23:59)
  • Support 3 modes:                               Motion PIR Trigger mode                                                          Time Lapse mode: 5-55min / 1- 8 Hour                              Tiggering modes: (Time lapse & Motion PIR Trigger mode)
  • Full color Night or daytime videos and picture, 
  • Black and White Night or Daytime photos/vides.
  • Photo burst: 1-5
  • TimeLpase: 5min,10m,15m,20m etc to 1hr, every hourse 8hr
  • color or black and white night picture at choice
  • Supports picture + video mode
  • 2.0 inch color LCD for playback
  • Sound (audio) recording
  • Memory Storage mode: YES
  • Work hour: YES
  • Lockable with mounting strap, nail/screw and python lock
  • Supports up to 256Gb SD/SDHC cards (no included)
  • Use 5*18650 rechargeable batteries or 8*AA batteries (batteries not included)
  • Quick trigger time (<1s)
  • Trigger interval: 0s-1h
  • Video Length: 1 to 180 seconds
  • Long standby time
  • Motion sharp
  • Water-resistant rating: IP66 - full heavy rain proof.
  • 1 year Australian Warranty
  • Certificate: FCC,CE,RoHS
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