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Dark Ops Pro XD Model# BTC-6PXD

Latest 2021 Model


The Dark Ops Pro XD has the most robust feature set in our Dark Ops camera series. These cameras feature an invisible Infrared flash to ensure game or trespassers on your property do not detect the camera while it is capturing images or videos. The Dark Ops Pro XD features “Dual Camera Lens Technology”. This feature incorporates a custom-tuned daytime camera lens to produce razor-sharp daytime images, while the dedicated night camera lens takes incredibly clear night time photos. This camera packs all the performance you would expect with 24MP picture quality, 1080p Full HD video with sound, lightning fast 0.15 second trigger speeds, and superior battery life. Additional features include SD card management options and Smart IR video to keep recording game during the daytime. The Dark Ops Pro XD is compatible with up to 512GB SD card.  

  • • This camera is designed for the following usages:
  • Warehouse/Storage/Farm Area Surveillance
  • •  Home/Property Security
  • •  Farm Gates or Driveways
  • •  Search for Big Cat or Bigfoot Evidence
  • •  Remote Crop and live Stocks Surveillance
  • •  Fauna Surveys
  • •  Live Stocks Surveys and Surveillance
  • •  Under time-lapse setting, the camera automatically and constantly takes
  • • Pictures/videos at specified intervals. This is very useful when observing  plants flowering, birds building nests or when monitoring unattended properties such as parking lots or construction sites - your house being built


  • 24 Mega-pixel
  • 1920x1080P Full HD videos with sound (5 sec.- 2 min. length)
  • Invisible Night IR Illumination(black flash)
  • Dual Camera Lens Technology(break through technology)
  • Low Blur night photos with 80 foot flash range
  • 1.5” Color View Screen
  • 0.15 Second Trigger Speed
  • 0.5 Second Picture Recovery Time
  • Adjustable Flash Range (power save, long range)
  • 80 ft. Detection Range
  • All-Steel adjustable Tree Mounting Bracket
  • Supports up to 512GB SDXC Memory Card (not included)
  • Compact Case Size 4.25” x 3.5” x 2.5”
  • Timelapse Camera Mode plus IR Triggered Images
  • Long Battery life from 6 AA Batteries (not included)
  • Up to 8 Multi Shot Images
  • Up to 8 Rapid Fire Images
  • SD Card Management
  • Smart IR Video
  • Camo Finish
  • 12 volt External Power Jack
  • Picture info bar displays: Time, Date, Temperature, Moon Phase, Barometric Pressure, Camera ID
  • Programmable Picture Delay (1 sec. – 60 min.)
  • Compatible with Browning Buck Watch Timelapse Viewer Software
  • Waterproof IP Rating: IP67 (highest)
  • ¼” -20 Tripod Socket
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Steve Heley
Browning Dark Ops trail cam XD BTC-6PXD

An excellent camera with dual lenses for day / night, and quality pictures and videos.
The "no glow" feature is exceptional and it has assisted me in capturing animal movements that are very cunning and shy away from flashes and I/R. The 6 batteries seem to last just as long as ones with 8 batteries, and that is also good life.
My only criticism is the small 1.5" screen, I have eye problems so the 2" is better for me, and the lower entry SD Card slot could be better positioned as a side entry particularly when the camera is mounted low for ground level filming. But the Browning quality shows in the ease of set up and workmanship.

Excellent Photo & Video Quality

I am very impressed with our Browning Dark Ops Pro XD BTC-6PXD. I didn't think the Photo's and Video's were going to be so clear, but I was wrong. The camera is very easy to use. Only a few buttons to set up and change. The batteries still show 100% after 150 video's and 100 photo's have been recorded. Easy mounting strap with camera. We love the wildlife at our place and it's been great to capture it at night. Quick delivery from Pro'sChoice too.

Browning trail camera

I'm loving this little beauty. It's the first wildlife camera I've ever had, so I have nothing to compare it to, but it's a great camera so for. I've always been curious as to what was tripping my rat traps, and cleaning them out. Now I know, and it has captured the possums responsible :)

Excellent camera. Highly recommended.

Pros- Trigger speed-super fast. 512gb card. Only 6 x batteries required with dedicated tray-cheaper to run than other cameras. Night video is one of the best available on the market. Dual camera is definitely worth it. Daytime video and images-about average. Battery release button is very functional. All raised buttons feel sold to touch and are illuminated. "Live" viewing screen assists in camera set up. Solid door closing clasp-feels good.
Cons- No timer function- operator cannot choose when to set the camera. eg. with a timer false triggers are reduced considerably. Browning need to bring this feature to their range of cameras. "No SD Card" text can be missed. It's at the bottom of the screen. If you don't have a SD card inserted then there should be a total blue screen with the words" "No SD Card" in bold red in the middle. This forces the operator to insert a SD card if they want to continue. This acts as a Redundancy aspect.