Bushnell NatureView HD Max Live View 14Mp Trail Camera - 119740

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-14MP Resolution-Interchangeable Close Focus Lenses-Passive Infrared Motion Sensor-0.7-sec Motion Trigger Speed-32-LED Infrared Flash with 60' Range-Field Scan Time Lapse Photography-Photo and HD 1080p Video-Records to SDHC Cards up to 32GB-Runs on 12 AA Batteries-Mounting Strap Included

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Bushnell NatureView HD Live View 14Mp Trail Camera 119740

The all new Bushnell NatureView HD Live View trail cameras feature an image sensor which captures stunning 14MP images and 1080p eye-popping HD video.

The 0.7 second trigger time of the Natureview HD Live View Trail Camera from Bushnell makes it well-suited to getting images of animals on the move. Interchangeable lenses let you monitor a trail like a traditional game camera, or take pictures as close as 25 and 46 cm depending on the lens you choose. These lenses are a solid choice for taking shots at a bird feeder or similar area.

Stills are taken in 14MP resolution, while video features 1080p in clips from 5 to 60 seconds with audio recording. Hybrid mode takes a still picture and follows it up with a video clip so you don't have to choose between one or the other to help pattern the animals you are pursuing. A passive infrared (PIR) sensor uses changes in temperature as well as motion to trigger the near-invisible 32-LED flash to get shots even at night. Field Scan Time-Lapse Technology lets you capture images at pre-set times and intervals from 1 to 60 minutes. Burst mode takes up to 3 images per triggering event to get an idea of which way an animal is headed.

This Natureview HD Live View is equipped with a B&W text LCD screen which displays the easy set up menu and guides you through each function.

There are two close focus lenses which offer minimum focal distances of 245mm and 455mm enabling you to capture clear depth of field in your images even when the subject gets up really close. The Bushnell NatureView HD Live View has an Auto PIR (passive infrared) sensor thats motion-activated to a distance of 18.3 meters (60ft). Hyper NightVision technology is composed of 32 no-glow LEDs which are also effective to the same range – and completely invisible to wildlife, meaning animals will be absolutely undisturbed.

Capture still images and 60 sec clips of Full HD 1080p video with sound. You can even set the camera to shoot both at the same time in full resolution Hybrid Capture Mode. Day, Night and 24HR exposure modes optimize camera settings for the best photo and video capturing based on the time of day.

Field Scan 2x time-lapse technology automatically captures images at preset intervals of your choice for stitching together into videos. The Moon Phase stamp feature links the current date to the phase of the moon on that date and imprints an icon on your photo. The GPS Geotag lets you automatically embed coordinates to make wildlife tracking and camera placement easier to identify.

NatureView HD Live View Features:

14MP Resolution & Full HD Video

CMOS image sensor with a Bushnell best-ever resolution of 14MP, and an awesome video resolution of 1920x1080p.

PIR Motion Sensor

Motion-activated up to a range of 60ft the PIR (passive infrared) sensor detects the changes in temperature that occur when subjects move and captures images in response. You can set it to Auto mode to have sensitivity automatically regulated based on temperature, or you can adjust the sensitivity to Low, Medium or High.


Equipped with a B&W text LCD monitor; set-up and adapt the camera trap options in the field, on the go. You can also check how many capture events the camera has recorded.


Two close focus lenses with minimum focus distances of 9.8 and 18.1 inches let you capture clear depth of field in your images, even when wildlife gets really close. These lenses are manually screwed on where/when required for close-up action.

No-Glow Black LEDs

Hyper Night Vision flash 32 LEDs are completely invisible. Particularly sensitive wildlife, such as roe deer and foxes, won’t be scared off and also effective as a security surveillance device.

Multi Flash Mode

Allows you to adjust flash power for various setups, in order to conserve battery power.

Hybrid Capture Mode

Allows you to shoot Full HD video and full-resolution still images simultaneously, each time the camera is triggered.

Field Scan 2x Time Lapse Technology

Automatically snaps images at preset intervals of 1 min to 1 hr, within the hours of your choice. Monitor movement at dusk, dawn, and every time slot in between. Time-lapse mode gives you the widest viewing windowas it is not motion-activated. However, when animals move in-frame, the live motion-activated trigger will capture images of them at the same time as the time-lapse images.

Freeze Frame Shutter

The night vision capability enables the Bushnell NatureView HD Live View to use faster shutter speeds than would otherwise be possible in darkness, allowing it to freeze motion

Date and Temperature Stamp

Puts an imprint of the date and temperature on each photo at the time of capture. This can help you track change over time, or figure out which animals are more active than others at different periods and in colder or warmer conditions.

Moon Phase Stamp

Links the current date to the phase of the moon on that date, storing the data on an internal memory chip, and imprints an icon on your photo at the time of capture. This can help you determine if particular animals are inactive at night when a full or nearly full moon is present, making them more visible to predators. Additionally, if night photos appear darker or lighter in the background, Moon Phase helps you determine whether that is due to the brightness of the moon.

GPS GeotaggingYou can automatically embed GPS coordinates to make it easier to track wildlife and decide exactly where to place the camera to get the best images.

Wide-Screen FormatIn addition to the 4:3 aspect ratio, 16:9 is also available for wide-screen images and video.


30 day money back garante

  • Resolution Setting:14 MP
  • 0.7-second trigger speed
  • MPPIR Sensor:Low/Med/High/Auto
  • Night Vision Flash:32 Black LED/60'
  • LCD Display:B&W Text LCD
  • Date/Time Stamp:Yes
  • GPS Geotag:Yes
  • Power Supply:AA (4-8)
  • Solar Compatible:No
  • Battery Life:Up to 1 Year
  • Video Resolution:1920x1080p
  • Video Length:Up to 60s
  • SD Card Capacity:32 GB
  • Field Scan 2X:Yes
  • Audio Record:Yes
  • Hybrid Capture:Yes
Buyer Beware No
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