Ltl Acorn Ltl-5310a 44 IR LED Zero Glow HD Night Surveillance Hunt Trail Camera

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Ltl Acorn® Ltl-5310A FULL HD trail camera

Latest 2024 Model  UPGRADED Ltl-5310A - model with HD Video 44 LED Black IR Zero glow.

Please note: If you are after MMS/SMS module version please look for model 5310MC in in our site. Or call us to discuss. Best Video and Images quality capturing Latest model with the Longer detection range upto 65Feet. nicknamed " Night Owl" because it is stealth and can hear and detect anything just like a Night Owl 12 MEGAPIXEL comes with 44 Infrared Zero No Glow LED's for longer detection and now comes with Full HD video 1920 x 1080p with Sound. Video Black Invisible IR This camera is designed for the following usages:

  • Warehouse/Storage/Farm Area Surveillance
  • Home/Property Security
  • Farm Gates or Driveways
  • Search for Big Cat or Bigfoot Evidence
  • Remote Crop and live Stocks Surveillance
  • Fauna Surveys
  • Live Stocks Surveys and Surveillance
  • Under time lapse setting, the camera automatically and constantly takes pictures/videos at a specified interval.
  • This is very useful when observing plants flowering, birds building nests or when monitoring unattended properties such as parking lots or construction sites - your house being built

    ProsChoice Trail camera - 60 Days money back Guarantee and 1 year Australian Warranty  For all your camera needs please contact ProsChoice Team



  • Ltl Acorn Original model Ltl-5310a
  • 12 Megapixels Color CMOS
  • Zero Glow Black IR
  • 2560x1920 Pixel Size
  • 65 feet/20meters IR dection range
  • Supports upto 32Gb SDHC Memory SD Card
  • Video Size: FULL HD 1920 x 1080p with sound
  • Operation Mode Day/Night
  • 3 modes PIR Sensitivity levels: High/Normal/Low
  • Fast Trigger time 0.6 second
  • Triggering interval 1 second ~ 60mins Programmable
  • Operation Temperature -30 - +70℃/-22 - +158°F
  • 3 rapid shooting mode
  • Camera + Video Mode
  • Playback Zoom in 1~16 times
  • Timer On/Off 
  • Time lapse programmable
  • 4 Pin password Protection Mode
  • Device Serial No mode
  • Periodic Shot 1Second ~ 24Hours
  • Power Supply 4xAA battery; expandable to 8xAA (battery not included)
  • Stand-by Current 0.4mA
  • Power Consumption 150mA(+650mA when IR LED lights up)
  • Low Battery Alert 4.2~4.3V
  • Interface includes: TV out(NTSC); USB; SD Card Slot; 
  • 6V DC External capable
  • Mounting Belt, Tripod Nail
  • Water Proof IP54
  • Certificate FCC, CE, RoHS

DOWNLOAD Ltl-5310A User Instruction Manual



Buyer Beware
How to spot counterfeit fake Ltl Acorn cameras30 Day Money back Guarantee 

Many sellers from eBay and other auction sites have been found out to sell counterfeit Ltl Acorn cameras, all within a low price. How to avoid buying a fake? First of all if its too good to be true, then usually it is. With that said there are small details, but simple enough to point out fake trail cameras, here is a list; 

How to tell the difference: 1.  The logo of a genuine Ltl Acorn Camera with always be engraved on the front of a trail camera,     if you don’t see the logo then it’s without a doubt a fake.

2.  Serial number - GENUINE Ltl Acorn bar code marks with nine figure serial numbers - with 5210 series - serial      number starts with 106 and with 6210M series - serial number starts with 109

3.  Camera Operating system and its menu is completely different.     

4.  The box the trail camera comes in will show the logo of Ltl Acorn, a fake would show everything but the logo.

5.  The loading screen when switched into test mode will pop up as a Acorn picture, A fake would pop up with a bunch of flowers usually.

For more info please see below:Please note: images and details below apply to LTL-5210A series only. 

30 Day Money back Guarantee

GENUINE Ltl Acorn Has Logo below Sensors                   Genuine Ltl Acorn Models have a Clasp for Closing Lid   


30 Day Money back GuaranteeGenuine Ltl Acorn - bar code marks with nine figure serial numbers - with 5210 series - serial number starts with 106 and with 6210M series - serial number starts with 109

30 Day Money back Guarantee

   Counterfeit Ltl Acorn Setup Software                                             Genuine Ltl Acorn Setup Software

30 Day Money back GuaranteeGenuine Ltl Acorn Box shows Acorn Logo                                     FAKE Counterfeit from eBay or other sites shows no Logo

30 Day Money back Guarantee

Genuine Ltl Acorn Start Up Screen Shows Acorn Logo            Non Genuine Start Up Screen Usually shows Flowers

So now that you understand this please be careful on where you buy from. Pro’s Choice is Authorised resellers of Ltl Acorn® cameras in Australia. When you purchase Ltl Acorn products from us you will get all below: 

-Genuine Ltl Acorn® Products -Best Price in Australia Guarantee -FREE after sales support -Life time support on Ltl Acorn® products. -1 Year Australian Warranty -30 days money back Guarantee

Is Product Addon? No

Australian GENUINE Warranty  AUTHORISED RETAILER - We are a fully AUTHORISED Australian retailer - approved to sell Ltl Acorn Products and Accessories. Which means you get 1 Year Australian GENUINE Local warranty on all cameras - no questions asked.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Debbie R
excellent picture quality day and night yet easy to use

Nice camera ! The camera did a great job of capturing movement when we needed it , and having a clear, stable picture especially at night. The battery life seemed better than previous model. Thanks

David S
Best budget camera

If you have to use multiple cameras and limited on budget this is by far one of the best.The NO-Glow LED's make sure animals do not spook when camera is working. HD video is terrific.

Daryl P
great value

This 5310a is so much better than the 5210a and when that camera came out I felt is special. At night at 15 meters the 5210a could identify its a person but with the 5310a you could identify the person . At night the trigger distance is no better but the quality of photo is so much clearer.