Spromise S378 Anti-Crime 4G 3G LTE Two-Way Communication Trail Camera

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Spromise S378 Anti-Crime 4G/LTE two-way com trail camera

Late 2020 Model: Spromise S378 is a top of the range FULL HD with sound 4G/3G/LTE MMS trail security camera comes with invisible Black Flash IR – upgraded model based on the best 3G trail cam out there S358 - Designed to work on true 4G/3G network around Australia. Comes with 2 way SMS control free mobile App to remote control camera from miles away. Excellent to monitor remote properties from KM’s away. We call this Anti-Crime Cam to guard your property against trespassers from anywhere in Australia. Military Grade trail camera now allows you to send videos or images to your mobile - or send them to your email via a centralized app from mobile.Now comes with EXTENDED RANGE ANTENNA

Latest Model: S378-12mHD 4G Mobile camera

  • Works on 4G/3G/LTE network
  • Ultra Fast image transmission
  • Free Extended Range Antenna
  • Improved battery life
  • Video transmission
  • Sends images or Videos to your mobile immediately (previous model only sends images)
  • Spromise wireless mobile app and web portal allow remote cam management
  • New Feature: Upload photos/Videos to FTP server for multiple access 
  • Video quality: 1080P Full HD videos with sound
  • Trigger time: 0.6s
  • Photo burst: 1 to 10 photos per trigger
  • The high end 2-way communications
  • Black IR Invisible at night
  • Active real time "on-the-spot" picture retrieval
  • Active real time "on-the-spot" video retrieval
  • Built-in 2" inch colour LCD
  • FREE mobile phone App
  • Water-Resistant
  • Timer and work day mode: Yes
  • Memory Loop overwrite – Yes (for continuous recording)

Please note: This is certified 4G model runs on LTE network which means works on 3G/4G network throughout Australia. Please contact us for a discount price if you are buying more than one.

The Spromise 4G/LTE BlackGuard S378J has been quality tested by its manufacturers www.spromise.com and our Australian technicians. It is the most advanced Two Way Remote Control 4G Camera to enter the market and clearly the BEST choice for 2020.

Pro’s Choice is an Authorised Australian Retailer for spromise cameras and we can offer you the best prices.

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independent review and set up by the famous OzzieReviews

Firewood theft capture on SPROMISE  S358 3G Trail camera leading to arrest.

  • 12 Megapixel
  • Sends images or Videos to your mobile (previous model only sends images)
  • Video quality : 1080P Full HD videos with sound 
  • Works on 4G/3G/LTE network 
  • Trigger time: 0.6s
  • Photo burst: 1-10 photos per trigger
  • Sound Recording:  ON/OFF option
  • GEO Tags 
  • The high end 2-way communications
  • Black IR Invisible at night 
  • Active real time "on-the-spot" picture retrieval 
  • Active real time "on-the-spot" video retrieval 
  • MMS / GPRS / EMail to your mobile phone or emails 
  • Attachment sizes control: 2 mode images to mobile: normal resolution = 640*480 or  high resolution = 1280*960
  • Supports upto 32Gb SDHC Card 
  • Built-in 2" inch colour LCD to view photos and videos
  • FREE mobile phone App
  • Water Resistant
  • Work Schedule Timer – Yes ( 2 timer modes – start time and stop time)
  • Work days mode: YES, (tell camera which days of the week to be ON)
  • Time Lapse mode: 30seconds to 8 hr
  • Memory Loop over write – Yes (for continuous recording)
  • Batteries – 12 AA or 6 Volt ext battery or solar
  • Date/Time/Temperature/Moon Phase on photos (mms,email and save into SD)
  • Dimensions – 15x12x9Cm
  • Operates ANYWHERE in Australia via 4G or 3G network. Supports major carrier bands : 4G  850mhz / 900mhz /  2100mhz (most area in Australia support 4G, if you are not sure please Contact Us
  • 2 Way communcations - on demand photos
  • Duel MMS email Quality mode: medium or high quality mode.
  • New Feature: Upload photos/Videos to FTP server for multiple access 
  • UV protection of Camo pain (camo pain will no fade for upto 3 years)

Instruction manual

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