Spromise S688 Dark 4G LTE GPS Trail Camera

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Spromise® S688 ULTIMATE 4G LTE trail camera with Anti-theft GPS Options. works on Telstra/Optus (MMS/email/FTP)

Now shipping daily   Manufactured by SPROMISE. Military Grade  4G trail camera now sends images in different sizes to MMS, email, or FTP. Now supports SFTP for the most secure image repository.

The latest 2024 model, boasts 24Mp sharp images with 2K Quad HD videos with audio. This camera will detect movement quickly and transmit images/alerts to your mobile phone faster than any 4G camera currently available on the market, ideal for security or remote surveillance situations.  Now comes with an anti-theft option backed with a powerful G-sensor designed to send alerts with GPS coordinates when the camera is moved unauthorised to another location.

Now you can have your hands on the most powerful 4G Trail camera to fight criminal activities.



  • 24Mp sharp images
  • 1440P 2K Quad HD Videos with audio
  • 0.4 second trigger speed
  • 110° wide angle
  • Anti-Theft Alert Options
  • Forward facing 2" screen for perfect aim
  • Night vision BlackFlash for video and photo in stealth mode
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Adjustable image attachment size on MMS/GPRS/FTP
  • Supports: MMS/GPRS/FTP
  • Water-Resistant - Waterproof Rate = IP66
  • Working Environment: -20 - +60° C


    Please note: This is a certified 4G model runs on LTE network which means works on 3G/4G networks throughout Australia. Please contact us for a discount price if you are buying more than one.


    Pro’s Choice is an Authorised Australian Retailer for SPROMISE cameras and we can offer you the best prices.




    Independent review and set up by the famous OzzieReviews

    • 24 Megapixel (Adjustable)
    • Video quality: 2K (Adjustable) with sound'
    • Lens FOV: 110° wide angle (diagonal angle)
    • Detectin range: Upto 25 meters
    • Flash Range:    Upto 18 meters
    • Sends images or Videos to your mobile 
    • Adjustable quality attachments to MMS,email,FTP
    • Works on 4G/3G/LTE network 
    • Trigger time: 0.4s (REAL) 
    • Photo burst: 1-10 photos per trigger
    • Sound Recording:  ON/OFF option
    • Camera Tracker for Anti-Theft Options
    • GPS GEO Coordinates 
    • Camera movement detection= G-Sensor alert
    • Easy ARM / DISARM options
    • The high end 2-way communications
    • Night Illumination: Infra Red or NO Glow
    • Active real time "on-the-spot" picture retrieval 
    • Active real time "on-the-spot" video retrieval 
    • MMS / GPRS / EMail to your mobile phone or emails 
    • Adjustable Attachment SIZE: 2 mode images to mobile: normal resolution = 640*480 or  high resolution = 1280*960, original high Res via GPRS/FTP
    • Supports upto 32Gb Memory (SDXC Micro SD card) sold separately. 
    • Built-in 2" inch colour LCD to view photos and videos
    • Video: Full HD 1080P@30fps(day time)(15fps night)
    • FREE mobile phone App
    • Water-Resistant - Waterproof Rate = IP66
    • Work Schedule Timer – Yes ( 2 timer modes – start time and stop time)
    • Work days mode: YES, (tell camera which days of the week to be ON)
    • Time Lapse mode: 30seconds to 8 hr
    • Memory Loop over write – Yes (for continuous recording)
    • Batteries – 12 AA or 6 Volt ext battery or solar
    • Date/Time/Temperature/Moon Phase on photos (mms,email and save into SD)
    • Dimensions Compact size:  14 * 10.5 * 8.5CM
    • Operates ANYWHERE in Australia via 4G or 3G network. Supports major carrier bands : 4G  850mhz / 900mhz /  2100mhz (most area in Australia support 4G, if you are not sure please Contact Us
    • 2 Way communcations - on demand photos
    • Duel MMS email Quality mode: medium or high quality mode.
    • New Feature: Upload photos/Videos to FTP server for multiple access 
    • UV protection of Camo pain (camo pain will no fade for upto 3 years)
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    Australian GENUINE Warranty AUTHORISED RETAILER - We are a fully AUTHORISED Australian retailer - approved to sell SPROMISE Products and Accessories. Which means you get 1 Year Australian GENUINE Local warranty on all cameras - no questions asked.

    Please make sure the warranty that other company may be offering you is Australian Warranty no matter how large the business is. Does it come with an Australian GENUINE  Warranty? Please support local industries.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Graeme Moore
    I am a repeat customer, what does that tell you? 100% satisfaction

    I have purchased several trail (wildlife) cameras from this company over the years. My favourite are the Boly MG948G's and my most recent purchase were what Robbie recommended when we discussed my needs. That is the Spromise S688.

    The cameras are excellent quality and do exactly what I want, in my case monitoring endangered wildlife and protecting from feral predators. Also, perfectly suitable for surveillance of any kind, home or rural security etc)

    Any minor issues I had in setting up 4G connection (I was the problem, not the system) Robbie dealt with by being contactable as easy as pick up the phone and patiently walk me through it. Easily and promptly fixed.

    I have all my cameras working on the Aldi SIM as they use the Telstra network and Robbie will give the appropriate settings. (note that an earlier review the customer has issues with using Aldi SIM ....works ok with mine.)

    I'm not affiliated in anyway with this company however do yourself a favor, work out what you think you need, call Robbie and he will set you on the right course and recommend a product suitable for you.

    Kylie B
    Has it all!

    I purchased the S688 to monitor my rural property in regional NSW. The camera takes a while to get use to but definitely worth the time an effort to get it right. I purchased the solar panel to ensure it stays on 24/7 and it hasn’t let us down yet. I purchased a second one for the same purpose without the solar panel. I use lithium AAs in the second camera which are a bit hit and miss. Sometimes I get a few months out of the batteries and other times only a couple of weeks. I will be purchasing an additional solar panel to ensure the second camera is on 24/7 as well. The camera can be delayed at times due to service where our property is, but the camera continues to take photos which are stored on the memory card even if you are not receiving images by text. I started with the Aldi sim card in my phone which stopped working after they detected the SIM card was in a gps device. I discovered through some research that they disconnected the service after they detected the sim being used in these type of devices. I switched to a Woolworths sim in both devices and have experienced no issues since. In summary, this is a great camera for rural property monitoring if you are willing to get through a few teething problems as a new user. Now that I am familiar with the camera and all it’s features, I can honestly say the S688 is definitely worth the money.

    Lovely staff

    Very helpful and knowledgeable, helped out over the phone with camera setup. Thank you.

    Chris S
    Clear night images

    Very clear night photos and forward faced viewing screen is helpful.