Spypoint LINK-S LTE 4G Cellular Trail camera

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SPYPOINT LINK-S Cellular 3G/4G/LTE Trail Camera

3G/4G/LTE Cellular trail camera - now comes with FULL-HD Photo on request option.  

This model is discontinued and replaced with Spypoint Flex S 

The 2022 latest model,  LINK-S is a trail camera like no other because so much of what the camera offers is only available from SPYPOINT. Integrated solar panel and lithium battery technology deliver an all-in-one unit with incredible battery life.

Couple that with the fastest trigger speed available in a trail camera, and the Hybrid Illumination Technology (HIT) flash system that lets you customize your flash, and you have an absolute powerhouse of a trail camera taking your scouting to new levels.

The camera uses 42 high-power Black Flash LEDs for great image quality at night and the infrared boost technology allows you to maximize the lighting when it counts. Blur reduction technology will enable you to reduce considerably the blurred effect that might be present on your photos. The photo first option will allow you to take a picture before each video the camera records and send it (picture alerts) to your Spypoint App for viewing. You can view the videos on the SD card on the screen of the camera itself, or on the computer.

Comes with an LCD viewing screen for Ease of use. The front cover with a forward-facing screen helps set the camera up so that it points at the right spot.  The screen is also handy and easy to review images,  videos, and configure settings on the camera at ease.

The camera doesn't need direct sunlight for solar power to charge internal batteries - Solar runs off Ambient light - so the camera can be placed wherever you want.

Now comes with FULL-HD Photos on request option via mobile app- which means you can get FULL HD crystal clear photos sent to your mobile phone and you can also upgrade the camera to 48MP via SoftwareLatest 2020 Model

FREE 100 photos to your phone - per month for unlimited time

Anti-theft function - with built-in GPS - camera transmits the location of the camera to the mobile app when stolen.

Cellular Trail camera can store pictures in the cloud for you to access from anywhere in Australia or from overseas.

Integrated solar panel and lithium battery technologyHybrid Illumination Technology (HIT) flash system that lets you customize your flashFastest trigger speed available in a trail cameraAn absolute powerhouse of a trail camera taking your scouting to new levels


Comes with pre-activated Sim in it that just connects into any available 3G/4G networks (Telstra/Optus/Vodafone networks)

FULL-HD photos Transmission

Free Mobile App

  • Frequency LTE, 4G 
  • Preactivated SIM card included Yes
  • Comes with pre-activated Sim in it that just connects into any available 3G/4G networks (Telstra/Optus/Vodafone networks)
  • Photos transmission Yes
  • FULL-HD Photos transmission option
  • Camera fully configurable via the SPYPOINT LINK App
  • Definition :10MP (Upgradable to 48MP via Software)
  • Black Flash: 42 LEDs 
  • Flash range < 100'
  • Trigger speed 0.07 s
  • Screen 2" Viewing screen -forward-facing screen to setup the camera to point at the right spot or can also use this to view photo/videos and access the settings on the camera.
  • Built in GPS - to track if the camera is stolen.
  • Anti-theft function - with built in GPS - camera transmits location of camera when stolen.
  • Photo type Color by day, infrared by night
  • Stamp on pictures Date, time, moon phase and temperature (°C/°F)
  • Time-Lapse Mode Yes
  • Schedule mode - work days - work hour - YES
  • Image+Video mode: Yes
  • 3 night mode: Boost,Optimal, Low reduction
  • Multi-shot mode Up to 3 pictures per detection
  • Blur reduction technology Yes
  • Infrared boost technology Yes
  • Continuous mode Yes
  • Video definition HD
  • Sound Recording Yes
  • Photo first (hybrid mode) Yes
  • Memory card Requires an SD/SDHC card up to 32 GB (not included)
  • Built-In power Solar pannel
  • Built-In power Internal rechargeable battery - charges directly via Solar Panel
  • The camera doesn't need direct sunlight for solar power 
  • Solar runs off Ambient light - so the camera can be placed wherever you want.
  • Power Optional: 8 alkaline AA batteries
  • Power Optional: Battery pack LIT-09
  • External power 12V Power jack
  • Automatic infrared level adjustment Yes
  • Distance detection sensor Up to 100 ft
  • Motion Sensor 1 sensor covering 5 zones detection
  • Schedule setup 7 days
  • Mount Standard 1/4"-20 tripod
  • Dimensions 3.8" W x 6.9" H x 3.9"D (9,6 cm W x 17,5 cm H x 9,9 cm D)
  • "Know you’re covered" warranty 2 year
  • For more data plans on preactivated sim card please click HERE
Buyer Beware No
Is Product Addon? No

Australian GENUINE Warranty AUTHORISED RETAILER - We are a fully AUTHORISED Australian retailer - approved to sell Spypoint Products and Accessories. Which means you get 2 Years Australian GENUINE Local warranty on all cameras - no questions asked.

Please make sure the warranty that other company may be offering you is Australian Warranty no matter how large the business is. Does it come with an Australian GENUINE  Warranty? Please support local industries.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Just an unreliable brand...I'm on the 6th try with this model and as id today I can't even be bothered trying to return the last one so it's just gone in the bin....a $600 camera in the bin... don't waste your $$$ on Spypoint!

A must-have if you live far away from your remote property!

Been using this Cellular camera for a few months now. Works well. Easy to use.I have it on a tree facing north and have not had an problems with the solar cell recharging the battery inside. Cheers!