What Can I Hunt in Australia – A State-By-State Guide

Australian hunters have been buying camera equipment from Proschoice for years; our trail and game cameras are some of the best and most cost-effective tools to help you bring your targets to ground. But due to wildly varying state-level regulations, our customers are sometimes uncertain about what they are even legally allowed to hunt! Australia has about a million residents engaging in the hunting and shooting industry every year, but the overall negative attitude to the practice since the Port Arthur Massacre and the growth of environmentalism has led to stronger restrictions in many areas.

Here is the Proschoice quick guide to what to hunt with our game cameras, and where:



The Sunshine State is one of the most permissive of hunting, so long as you have an appropriate weapons license. While the state declares no animals as game, many of its designated pest species make for great sport for our trail cameras. Feral cattle, horses, donkeys, and dogs are available along with four of the nation’s six deer species. All are commonly hunted by our customers.



The south-eastern state and our most progressive socially, Victorian regulations limit duck, quail, and deer hunting to specific open seasons, and each year demonstrations and outcry threaten this state of affairs more and more. A license is required to hunt even during these seasons, as well as to own firearms.


Western Australia

WA restricts hunters to feral species only, and only on private land, but its broad population of feral animals creates one of the more favourable scenarios for our customers to set up trail cameras around their land. Targets include camels, donkey, feral horses, and cattle.



Our island state allows even minors to hunt so long as they have applied for a game license, and you can hunt across private, state, and crown land. Deer are prime targets for our customers, as well as wallabies.


South Australia

Similar to Victoria, South Australian game animals – essentially just quail and duck species – are allowable targets for hunting during open season only. However, many introduced species can be hunted freely all year round, including deer, camels, and blackbirds.


Northern Territory

NT allows almost free range hunting on its wide range of feral species. Providing ample opportunity to put trail cameras to use are camels, buffalo, banteng, horses, cattle, and several deer species. Waterfowl and pigs require a permit to hunt, and waterfowl hunting is further limited to a declared open season.



The smallest national territory, ACT also has the smallest allowable range of hunting, with only shooting of national pest species allowed, and only on private property with landowner permission. However, the sport is open to anyone with a firearms license.