Guard your property with trail security camera during Covid-19 restrictions

The ongoing worldwide COVID19 or the Coronavirus crisis has affected Australia in many challenging ways. One of the many impacts that this crisis has had on is an increase in the number of people feeling uneasy about their home security. Because so many of us are at home full-time due to the crisis, many Australians are starting to get unnerved about potential break-ins and how they would handle the situation if it happened while they are at home.

Although it is impossible to completely eliminate the possibility of someone breaking into your place, or stealing items from your backyard, it is possible to mitigate the chances of someone deciding your house is an easy target. The way to go about this is the use of security and surveillance equipment, especially security cameras. Security cameras are an instant deterrent for someone scouting out a house to break in and steal from. The primary purpose of them committing the crime is to get away with valuables and not be caught in the act.

Trail cameras are an excellent, budget-friendly method of achieving this. Trail cameras are motion sensor trigger cameras that can take 1-8 photos in rapid succession or short videos as soon as they detect any motion within their sensor range. They work completely on their own with AA batteries resulting in easy installation. They will guard and monitor your property, front gate, or backyard day or night. The cameras are built with a black flash which enables surveillance in the dark without alerting the preparator.

Just seeing the trail camera on your property would be an immediate deterrent for anyone that may be scouting out houses for malicious behaviour, and in the case that the camera does not deter the perpetrator you will be able to get clear, high-quality images or video of the person or people involved.

The trail cameras can also act as a forewarning in some cases. Some trail cameras have MMS and SMTP capabilities. This means that they can be configured to send you an alert to your mobile with a message containing the images or email alerts containing the images when the camera has been triggered. This will give you an immediate notification on your mobile device that your property may be in danger and to contact the authorities. Alternatively, you can simply review these photos/videos and provide as evidence should there be a breach of security or a theft.

If during this uncertain time you are at all feeling uneasy or worried about your property security or feel the need to protect your property, consider looking into purchasing some trail cameras for your property.

We have a large and wide range of different models tailored to suit all your needs and budget limitations.
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