How to Monitor Your Security Cameras via Your Smart Phone

How to Monitor Your Security Cameras via Your Smart Phone  .................

How to Monitor Your Security Cameras via Your Smart Phone

There is no doubt that there are numerous options for security systems, as advancements in technology continuously make surveillance software, more intelligent and easily accessible. To keep our homes and farming projects safe, it is critical that we install effective security and surveillance systems.  There is a need for us to learn how to monitor our security cameras, even when we are far away from our surveillance systems.

Browning Trail Camera technologies create new concept trail cameras that enable you to view your installed camera systems on your mobile devices, via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. All that you need is to do is ensure that your smart device is connected (either through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) and activate the Defender App. The Defender App is your gateway to accessing your security data and it is free to download on Apple and Android devices. 

The Browning Defender 940 Trail Camera BTC-10D  is the only camera that allows you to have direct access to your camera feed, via your smart phone. To find out more about the Browning Defender 940 Trail Camera, keep reading.


Reasons Why You Should Consider Installing a Browning Defender 940 Trail Camera:

Motion Sensors: The Defender 940 is equipped with fast Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR) that intelligently captures imagery in response to sensing movement within the camera’s 80-degree detection range.

Camera Technology: The tech behind this lens is far superior to all other trail cameras currently on the market. The image sensor on the Defender 940 is incredibly advanced and can capture imagery at 20MP.  Further the video capabilities on the Defender 940 are impressive in that you can capture at full HD 1920 x 1080 quality, sound included. 

Invisible no-glow Flash –  Browning Defender 940 comes with no-glow flash making it extremely stealth when taking photos or videos at night - The 940NM model is derived from older model Browning Defender 850 with low red glow. 

Durability: The Defender 940 is the camera to use if you’re looking for a durable design that can work in the rain or in intense weather environments. The hard-wearing design of the Browning Defender 940 Trail Camera is the smart solution you need to holistically monitor your security and surveillance systems. 

If you’d like to know more about the Browning Defender 940 , phone us at 02 9567 7476 or send us an email. 

We also have ProsChoice Wifi Security Camera with LIVE VIEW - more about his can be found here

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