Security cameras are an invaluable product for making the streets, or your home, a safer place. They can act as an effective deterrent to criminals, or catch on film those unwise enough to carry out unlawful activities in their presence...........

   Security Camera Placements

Top 10 Worst Security Camera Placements

Security cameras are an invaluable product for making the streets, or your home, a safer place. They can act as an effective deterrent to criminals, or catch on film those unwise enough to carry out unlawful activities in their presence.

Whoever installed these cameras, however, must not have read up on the best methods of installing and positioning these devices (or might just be lacking a little common sense!). Despite the best intentions of the people responsible for these camera placements, we somehow doubt they’ll be toasted as law enforcement or home surveillance visionaries any time soon. Here are the 10 worst security camera placements:

Security Camera Placements

It’s hard to speculate on the motivations of the person who set this camera up. Maybe the wellbeing of this specific part of the wall is extremely important, and merits this frivolous use of resources. Apart from preventing a repeat act of minor graffiti by the least intelligent criminal in history, this entry certainly deserves its place on this list (or indeed, any “worst of”list). You might think this entry is bad, but worry not - there’s plenty more material here to shake your faith in humanity.

Security Camera Placements

This one is only a fail from the perspective of the boss. On the other hand, it’s actually a pretty ingenuitive move from whoever stuck that photograph there. The office workers are free to get up to whatever shenanigans they feel like, while the boss is none the wiser. It does have a certain drawback though, in terms of doing its actual job. We imagine there were a few pieces of stationery that went missing from this workplace, with no repercussions.

Security Camera Placements
Maintenance of your equipment is essential for you to maximise its effectiveness. Although this one can be chalked up as bad luck to a certain extent, it’s still worthy of a mention for not scouting out the location and realising it was a prime spot for a wasp’s nest, and not getting rid of said wasps ASAP when they decided to make the camera their home! It must have been an awkward conversation for the employee in question, when the police chief quizzed him about the suspects in the inevitable robbery or shooting that occurred in this camera’s field of vision.

“This one’s cut and dried - we got everything. He was quite small, black and yellow, with a bad attitude. He had several of his friends with him, who all looked quite similar. I think they might have been related. Oh, the human suspect? No idea boss…”

Security Camera Placements

The brains trust behind this entry must have thought they’d done everything in their power to keep the streets safe. Not just one, but two security cameras in place to catch any wrongdoing! What could be better? Getting rid of the significant blind spot in between them would be a great start. Well, they reckoned without the ingenuity of this particular graffiti artist, who took full advantage of this. Maybe what they needed was a third camera pointing upwards at the wall? Ah well, hindsight is 20/20.

Security Camera Placements

“Does it matter which direction they’re pointing in?”

“I don’t think so mate, just chuck a few more on there.”

Say what you want about this building’s security measures, but you can’t say the people responsible haven’t been thorough. If money is no object, then you too might consider this option, but for the more budget-conscious (or sensible) amongst us, you could probably devise a more nuanced strategy.  

If you’re looking to catch a glimpse of the prime bird-dropping suspect, or monitor a specific section of wall in midair, then you’re in luck. One or two of these cameras might even be able to see people outside this apartment block.

Security Camera Placements

Security is a serious business, and it’s important that you invest in quality equipment that you can rely on. Alternatively, you can try some good old-fashioned DIY to get the job done. As you can see, no expense has been spared here, with this set-up that essentially consists of a digital camera taped to the wall. Resourceful? Yes. Effective? Debatable. All we know is that, if this method had seen significant success, we’d probably be out of a job!

Security Camera Placements

This can only be the work of a criminal mastermind clown. If there’s a spate of fake lapel flower attacks, the crimes may forever go unsolved. On the other hand, a strong gust of wind will resolve the situation, so we’d be surprised if this area was still under attack. Maybe a custard pie thrown at the camera would have been the smarter choice.

Security Camera Placements

You might think this is a poor placement of a security camera, but that’s only if you want to see what’s actually happening on the streets. If you want to be constantly in the loop with regard to the accessibility of a particular street, or be comforted by the fact that traffic enforcement cameras are in the vicinity, then you’ve got a perfect view of the relevant sign. When entry is no longer restricted to George Street and Magdalen Street, whoever’s monitoring this camera is going to find out before anyone else, and who can argue with that use of resources?

Security Camera Placements

It’s the age old question - which came first, the CCTV camera or the screen right in front of it, completely preventing it from being any use whatsoever? We’re not sure where the blame lies in this situation, but whoever’s responsible certainly came from the shallow end of the gene pool.

“Anything to report today Dave?”

“Nope, another quiet one, as usual.”

“Are you sure? We’ve had a lot of break-ins lately. This guy must be good, we haven’t caught him on camera once”.

“Yeah I told y - wait, what was that noise…?”


Security Camera Placements

A worthy winner as we come to number one. There have been some impressive demonstrations of a total lack of common sense so far, but this one takes the cake. It’s a genius move - after all, how can you be sure your security camera is doing its job properly? Another security camera, to keep an eye on the first one, of course! George Orwell would be spinning in his grave.

Don’t Make the Same Mistakes

If you’re in the market for a security camera, then here at Pro’s Choice we’re sure we’ll have something to suit your individual requirements perfectly. Don’t let this list discourage you - if they’re set up correctly, these cameras can be an invaluable tool for protecting people and property. We’ve got a wide range of industry-leading brands to choose from, so whether you’re looking for something to beef up your home/farm security, or you need a quality product for special ops/law enforcement purposes, you’ll be able to find the perfect camera on the site.

When you’re setting up your camera, just remember this list, and try to avoid the same mistakes (it shouldn’t be too hard - if you’ve managed to find this website, you probably already have more technical expertise than the people responsible for these entries). If you need any expert advice on which product is best or guidance with regards to setting up your device, our friendly, professional staff will be happy to assist. Contact us now and grab a great product for a very competitive price.



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