One of the biggest issues that bother homeowners is the potential burglaries or damages caused by intruders. The best way to overcome this issue is by installing a security camera system; it allows you to be on alert 24/7. When it comes to surveillance systems, wildlife cameras can be a very smart choice considering their functionalities........

Why Wildlife Cameras Would Be Useful for Homeowners

One of the biggest issues that bother homeowners is the potential burglaries or damages caused by intruders. The best way to overcome this issue is by installing a security camera system; it allows you to be on alert 24/7. When it comes to surveillance systems, wildlife cameras can be a very smart choice considering their functionalities.


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Characteristics of Wildlife Cameras

Basically, wildlife cameras are manufactured to capture wildlife images; they can be mounted in prominent locations where the potential wildlife is. Once mounted properly, these digital cameras will capture still images and video footage both in day and night times. Since they are supposed to be used outdoors, they are made to be weatherproof. They have camouflage characteristics; they can hardly be distinguished from the surroundings when installed properly. Moreover, these cameras can be programmed to capture images or video clips upon detecting a motion. Usually, these cameras are powered with replaceable batteries and manufactured to operate with minimum supervision for long periods.

The modern market has hundreds, if not thousands, of wildlife camera brands and models. Most of them are fairly priced for the delight of homeowners like you. Wildlife cameras are highly versatile in use, so you can use them even within your premises as an effective surveillance system. Such systems can be ideal to detect and capture the critters probably messing with your garbage cans. Also, these cameras can be highly instrumental in capturing intruders messing in your backyard.

Wildlife cameras for homeowners

Although wildlife cameras (or any other surveillance cameras) cannot directly chase intruders and critters away, they are highly useful for you to know exactly what’s going on in your yard or premises. Then, depending on the type of the problem, you can take the necessary security measures and avoid future attacks.

Like with most of the other conventional digital cameras you come across, the quality of the images taken via wildlife cameras is measured with megapixels. Most of the modern wildlife cameras come with multiple resolution options; low resolution captures are lightweight and easy to transfer, while high resolution images produce the finest details and, of course, take more space. Depending on your choice (whether to reserve space and compromise quality or vice versa), you may select the resolution type.

When it comes to the memory, modern wildlife cameras rely on SD cards to store the capturing. However, only some of the wildlife cameras offer free SD cards; in most cases, you may have to check beforehand and purchase one separately from the store. As per modern requirements, you may have to buy an SD card with a minimum of 16GB capacity.

Wildlife cameras are powered by batteries, which are replaceable in a timely manner. You don’t have to physically access these cameras frequently because of their longer battery life. You can also prolong the operative duration by adding extra batteries. Understanding this requirement pretty well, most of the trail cameras come with the facility of adding extra batteries and prolonging the run time. So, the more batteries there are, the longer running time is available. However, when using these cameras for home surveillance, you don’t need to compromise the quality over lengthy run time since you can access them whenever you need. 

Tips to use wildlife cameras for home security

Here are some valuable and practical tips in using wildlife cameras as a home security strategy.

1. Hide the camera
The placement of the camera is exceptionally important, particularly when it comes to it functioning as a surveillance system. You need to hide your security camera perfectly if you intend to capture the footage of intruders successfully. Placing the camera in a bush (camouflaged) is a very effective way. However, as a trick, you can intentionally use a broken camera and make it visible to discourage the intruders. 

2. Don’t let the visitors see the flash
Your camera becomes useless if it comes with a white flash; use a camera with IR instead to maintain discreteness.

3. Do some test runs
Be sure to do some test runs before finalising the installation. This will allow you to rectify any potential misalignments. 

4. Maintain the endurance
You should always try to prolong the run time of the camera by adding extra batteries. This will allow you to reduce maintenance work.


Hiding a wildlife camera

It is really important to hide the trail camera perfectly. Depending on the type of the neighbourhood, the importance of hiding the camera may vary. Here are the most important facts you should consider when hiding your wildlife cameras.

1. Place them in the shade
Always place the trail camera in a shady area with a downward angle. Don’t point the camera towards the sky; the sunlight may disturb the capturing and may even damage the sensors. Do not cover the face of the camera with any object. Also, you should make sure to avoid directing flash lights towards the camera; it will spoil your images.

2. Try using a trail camera stand
You can easily find trail camera stands on the market. These stands are highly useful when placing the cameras in steady positions.

3. Make it steady
Don’t place your camera on a shaky object. Mount it on a steady object (a pole, a concrete wall or something similar). Use brackets if necessary. Shaky objects may disturb the view of the camera (particularly the motion detection feature).

Generally, all wildlife cameras come with weatherproof characteristics; you don’t need to worry about providing additional protection from bad weather conditions. Moreover, wildlife cameras are built to blend with the objects in the surrounding. To make them more secure, some of the wildlife cameras come with metal security cases. These cameras are built to be heavy-duty. Compared to conventional security cameras, wildlife cameras have a longer life span. If you are unable to install the cameras by yourself and configure them, it is strongly advised to get the assistance of a professional. Also, be smart enough to avoid cheap batteries for the camera for a stress-free operation.

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