A Leading Supplier Of Trail Cameras To Government Bodies

Pro’s Choice – A Leading Supplier Of Trail Cameras To Government Bodies.............

Pro’s Choice – A Leading Supplier Of Trail Cameras To Government Bodies

At Pro’s Choice, we’ve provided organisations around the company with cutting edge trail camera
technology, helping environment, municipal and law enforcement groups accomplish their job better and
smarter. Whether you’re a park ranger looking for a cost-effective solution to monitor wildlife, a local
council wanting to stop illegal rubbish dumping or logging, or a police station after a portable and cost-
effective monitoring and surveillance solution, we’re the team for you.
Choosing to work with Pro’s Choice offers a number of benefits that you won’t get anywhere else. To learn
why you should choose us as your supplier read on, and then get in touch!

Any order of any size

Pro’s Choice has cultivated a large number of distribution channels, allowing us to handle orders of any size.
Whether you’re looking for a handful of cameras or several hundred, we’ll ensure they all arrive safely and
punctually. We place monthly orders with overseas manufacturers, meaning we have a ready supply of
cameras that can help you meet small to medium-sized on the shortest possible time-frame. For larger
orders, we can provide quick turnaround, ensuring that you can start rolling out your new equipment
sooner, not later.

Get the best, guaranteed

Pro’s Choice is proud to be the official distributor in Australia for a number of highly prestigious brands of
trail camera, ensuring that whether you’re after a white flash, red glow infrared, or cellular enabled model,
we can meet your needs. We stock an extensive range of products form companies including Browning,
Bushnell, Scoutguard, and Ltl Acorn at a range of price points, so whatever you’re looking for, we can
support you.

Flexible payment arrangements

We make it easy to get the tools you need. We don’t require our customers to pre-order products, and we
don’t ask for a percentage of the total cost up front. All government customers pay 30 days after receiving
goods on matter how large your order is – whether you order a single camera or several hundred. Over the
years our dedication to customer service means that we’ve developed a reputation for trustworthiness that
means our suppliers and creditors trust us. This enables us to make large orders and handle government
orders on 30 days payment terms after goods are received.
To make an order or to find out how we could help your organisation, get in touch with the team at Pro’s
Choice on 02 9567 7476 to learn more.

Governments we've HELPED so far

Government sectors
Educational sectors
Law enforcements
Non profit animal researches and sanctuaries
Land care and charity organizations

You can find them here. 


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