The trail camera can be considered as a compulsory part of the toolset for any serious hunter. With a variety of trail cameras on the market, you may not be sure of which camera to go for.........

How to choose the right camera?

The trail camera can be considered as a compulsory part of the toolset for any serious hunter. With a variety of cameras on the market, you may not be sure of which camera to go for and from which camera you should save yourself. An important fact is that the camera should match your budget.

Following are quick reviews of some of the best trail cameras out there for you. And from them you can choose which one would best suit your mood, style and needs.

Browning Strike Force HD Elite 10Mp Micro Trail Hunt Camera BTC-5HDE

It is a top notch camera. If you are looking for a camera that will catch scenes in their right form, then this one is for you. This camera was designed from the ground up to allow you to easily film videos and click photographs with minimal training. It comes with high definition sound and video quality that will capture the scene in top quality. The length of film varies; you can set it to a minimum of 5 seconds or even 2 minutes.

That not all - you will get 10 megapixel picture quality with a 100-foot flash radius. If you want to shoot your film at night time, that not an issue at all. It comes with an infrared flash, a long-life battery and a .67 second trigger time. With this camera and these feature, the chance to miss essential opportunities are reduced to almost zero - even for the most casual trail camera users.

The solitary downside of the Browning Strike Force is that the eight AA batteries required don’t come with the offer. It has a built in time lapse viewing program. The design of this camera is strong and it is camouflage painted as well.

Bushnell 14 Megapixel Aggressor No Glow HD Trophy Cam  - 119777C

If you don’t want to spend too much money, while still ensuring you get a high quality camera, then this camera is a good option. You will get 14 megapixel still photographs plus high definition film recordings. It is a multipurpose camera. You can install it for your home security, for scouting game, surveillance and wildlife monitoring.

Within being budget, there is an additional benefit of this camera: It has a quick recovery and trigger speed. The motion sensor of this camera comes with a range of sixty feet. It also has an automatic passive infrared sensor, which observes the heat in the environment, and then acts accordingly, adjusting the trigger signal sensitivity. You can capture a film of a maximum of 1 minute with a great audio effect.

If you are considering a camera with night vision mode, then it comes with 48 black LED. The camera captures vivid sixty-feet picture at night time. This camera can be used in day or at night time, whichever suits you the best. The settings of this camera are also user friendly.

Moultire M-888i Invisible glow Trail camera

This is an improved design of the previous M-80XT deer camera. The improved features of this camera are high definition film, extended night radius and a lightning fast trigger speed. It has an 8 megapixel low glow infrared technology. If you have missed the opportunity of capturing the perfect moment due to flash, then pick this camera. It does not flash brightly when capturing the moment.

The first trigger time for this camera is less than a second, while the second picture will take up till five seconds. This camera has a long range flash range as far as a hundred feet. The night time photos will be clear due to the Illumi night sensor plus the motion-free function that minimises the dullness of the photo.

You will also get good high definition videos of 720p. With videos, you will also have the opportunity to shoot audio. There are four operational traits of this camera: high definition for both night and day, infrared triggered film, time skip feature to capture the recording at different set intervals, and plot camera by day and motion trigger photo for night.

Moultire M-999i 20 megipixel Trail camera

This camera has a no glow trait because you don’t want your trophy to be bothered by something. It has a 20 megapixel camera that will give you astonishing high quality photos. To give a clear idea of the hunting habitat, it will also give you audio with video.

The main edge this camera has is that comprises fast fire bursting shoot, giving you the benefit of having four photos per second. With 8 AA batteries, this camera can take 9500 photos. The radius of the camera is a maximum of 70 feet with a quick trigger speed of under one second.  

Removing the dullness in the image, this camera will give you high quality vivid light images. It also has some common ground with the M-1100i model in that it makes use of  Motion Freeze technology and the Illumi Night sensor. Similarly with the M-1100i, it also comes with four different operational models, which are designed to be used for very different situations - it has film mode, time lapse, infrared trigger mode and setting camera by day and motion.

Day 6 plotwatcher Pro high definition trail camera

It doesn’t have a motion sensor but it can take pictures at set breaks, like all other cameras. The break can start from five to ten seconds maximum. You will get continuous pictures after placing the camera at the designated area throughout the day. This camera will save you a lot of time; it condenses all the photos in a ten-minute high definition time lapse film that were taken on the day.

The additional traits of Motion Search and Game Find program will be like a treat because you can pause and see the daily films.

With the feature of great field of view, this camera will outsmart all cameras in the league. You will get pictures of your trophy, no matter how close or far they are from the camera. It does not have the short range motion feature, so it will take photos only from 30 to 300 feet. And with this feature, you can take a closer look at your trophy’s design.

It has a battery life of a month, which will save you a huge amount of money. You can even make use of the time lapse coverage for the entire month with just one pair of batteries.

Browning Spec Ops Platinum Trail Camera Model BTC-8FHD-P

If you are sick of changing batteries, day in and day out, then this should be your pick. To start the camera, you can have six or twelve sets of AA batteries. With 12 AA batteries, this camera will run for 365 days and nights for you.

You will get top class images with the reliable and efficient design of the camera. It will fit perfectly in the habitat because of the camouflage pattern and rough inside. You will not be able to use video mode but it will certainly meet your requirement with its one fifth of a second trigger speed. The pace to size high quality 1080p photo is just two frames per second. The camera captures full bright and coloured images during the day, with monochrome infrared ones at night time.

This camera will capture your trophy 70 feet away. You can also make use of the time lapse feature with this camera.  

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