Because Sensegram uses its own dedicated servers, your emails will never be blocked, as is sometimes the case with other email service operators. When Sensegram receives your pictures and videos, it transfers them automatically into your personal account .........

Sensegram - Cloud Services for 3G Trail Cameras

Here at Pro’s Choice we’re passionate about all things to do with trail cameras, and so it’s understandable that anything that can make your user experience more enjoyable and more convenient is something we can get behind. That’s why when we see another product or service that does this, we’re happy to give it our stamp of approval and suggest it to you.

Taking Trail Cameras Into the 21st Century
We’re living in a digital age now, and this is reflected in the technology that trail cameras now possess, with 3G tech supported in many models. Accessing your images and videos remotely is now possible, as well as crystal clear HD visuals, but trail cameras still have some catching up to do in some areas. For one thing, receiving your images and videos via email can sometimes be unreliable, with your media mysteriously disappearing or ending up in your trash folder.

Settings may also be confusing and hard to manage. Sensegram helps streamline the process, allowing you to manage your media easily via their very own cloud service. Want to find that great picture of the huge buck you took a few weeks ago? With the tagging feature you can easily mark and organise all your media, making it so much easier to find. Want to share it with your friends? You can do that too.

How Does Sensegram Work?
Because Sensegram uses its own dedicated servers, your emails will never be blocked, as is sometimes the case with other email service operators. When Sensegram receives your pictures and videos, it transfers them automatically into your personal account without you having to do anything. Whether you’re using your trail camera for hunting purposes, keeping your property safe or just want to get some great wildlife photography done, this service makes it a whole lot easier by moving your content into one manageable space. It’s a great tool for individuals, but also for firms and organisations. Remote cameras are collectively connected, and can formulate a manageable network with multiple users.

Managing your Pictures and Videos
Sensegram makes managing your precious pictures and videos incredibly easy. You won’t believe the hassle you’re spared compared to traditional methods such as email, and we’re sure you won’t be going back once you’ve experienced it. Here are some of the things you can do with Sensegram:

  • Receive pictures and videos from multiple remote cameras, all in the same place and easy to access
  • All of your media is safely stored - no more losing pictures or finding them in your trash folder
  • Versatile, and can be used in conjunction with all email-capable devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers
  • View and add tags to pictures for easy categorisation and ultimate convenience - find your pictures more quickly
 Easy Management for All of Your Devices
  • Easily add new remote cameras, and keep all of your media in the same place for easy access
  • Change your camera’s wireless settings quickly and with minimal hassle
  • Share your device with other users and let others enjoy your great pictures and videos
  • Compatible with all GSM trail cameras & IP cameras
Features of Sensegram
Sensegram has a number of other benefits. Convenience and high availability is one of the main advantages, with a wealth of information always available to you and up-to-date. Access your camera anywhere, anytime! Safety is also an important consideration, but you can rest assured that your pictures and videos will be 100% secure since Sensegram fully operates in its own cloud, so you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing your pictures and videos without your knowledge and permission. Here are some other great features:

  • Ease of use: no more fighting with settings or browsing your email attachments - just fine tune your device to begin with and enjoy
  • Updates: these are frequently added, completely free of charge
  • Fast: dedicated servers provide the ultimate user experience - say goodbye to long waits
  • Multilingual: if English isn’t your first language don’t worry, Sensegram also supports Swedish, Japanese and Finnish languages
  • Statistics: perfect way to follow what has happened with your remote camera, or your whole camera network

 Does it Cost Anything?

Sensegram has four different versions that you can choose from; Free, Basic, Premium and Super. They each have various benefits to suit your individual needs.


  • Allows you to follow up to five shared cameras
  • Web-application, which works on multiple devices
  • Completely free (as the name suggests!)


  • You can use one of your own devices
  • 100 pictures
  • 10 followed devices
  • 2 shares/device
  • Adjustable notifications


  • 10 own devices
  • 5000 pictures
  • 50 followed devices
  • 10 shares/device
  • Adjustable notifications


  • 100 own devices
  • 15000 pictures
  • Follow unlimited devices
  • 50 shares/device
  • Advanced notifications
All of these services can be tried for a month completely free, so in the unlikely event you don’t like Sensegram there’s no financial commitment.
Which Trail Cameras is Sensegram Compatible With?
In principle, Sensegram is compatible with all devices which can send images via SMTP. We can confirm that it works with the following cameras, all available from Pro’s Choice:
If you don’t see your camera there it doesn’t mean it’s not compatible, just test it out and you should be able to quickly see whether it works or not. It’s free to try out the service, so what have you got to lose?
Try it Now! or contact us to discuss your options. 

 If you like the sound of Sensegram and are still looking for the perfect camera to combine with it, why not check out the Spromise S158J 3G Trail Camera? This is a premium, full HD two-way trail camera, and has been designed to work on a 3G network around Australia. With a 12 Megapixel camera and 1080P video quality, your media will jump right off the screen! This camera is ideal for use with Sensegram, so why not manage all of those great pictures and videos properly? If you’re serious about your trail cameras it’s the only choice.

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