Scout Guard MG984G - The 4G Trail Camera

Up until now, 3G has been the signal of choice for trail camera companies, but as Bob Dylan once said, the times they are a changin. 3G technology has been an important development in the trail camera industry; .........

Scout Guard MG984G-30mHD - The 4G Trail Camera
Up until now, 3G has been the signal of choice for trail camera companies, but as Bob Dylan once said, the times they are a changin. 3G technology has been an important development in the trail camera industry; allowing you to access your media remotely so you don’t have to treck into the forest every time you want to check your camera. Indeed, here at Pro’s Choice we have a great assortment of 3G cameras that will get the job done, but soon we’ll be bringing you something even better! The first 4G trail camera to come to Australia, this model ensures that you can get more out of your camera than ever before, and Pro’s Choice is proud to be bringing it to you soon.

Benefits of 4G Trail Cameras?
One of the problems with 3G trail cameras is that customers have to choose between mobile carriers. Some may not be available and some may have limited signal. By switching to 4G, you are hooking onto 4G speed so sending photos on this network are way faster than 3G or 2G , it also allows you to use the camera on the carrier of your choice, since all carriers use the same signal. All new towers being built are all 4G too, so remaining with a 3G camera can cause gaps in coverage, which is a problem if your favourite hunting/surveillance area is not on the grid.

Main Features of the MG984G

Speed in sending photos to mobiles
4G network allows you to send photos in fastest manner than 3G,2G older network

MG984G supports 4G,3G,2G
So, you’ve heard about the benefits of 4G, but what about this particular model? Well, there are a host of features which are sure to satisfy even the most demanding user.
Supporting 4G FDD-LTE network for the ultimate performance
MMS and GPRS functions
120/90 degree wide angle lens to ensure great coverage
1080P full HD video resolution for crystal clear videos
0.6 seconds trigger time, for great visuals when something comes into view
IP66 waterproof and dustproof for a resilient, long-lasting product
6 - 8 months standby time

The high end 2-way communications
Control the camera from miles away by SMS , iPhone apps or Android App , FREE apps available on Apple Apps store and Android market

Crystal Clear Images
Obviously, the most important quality in a camera is that it takes great quality pictures and videos. Getting the perfect shot can be harder with a trail camera than a regular one, since you can’t adjust the settings on the go. However, this model from USA Trailcams combines the absolute best lens, shutter, aperture, sensor and IQ possible to make sure that you get the best results. Components are painstakingly tested both individually and collectively to find the best pairing, while advanced software controls how the camera reacts in all different lighting conditions. Since many game animals are most active at night, you’ll need a camera that can perform in the dark, and that’s what the MG984G has successfully strived to achieve.

Great Battery Life
When it comes to trail cameras, batteries are an important aspect but they can also turn out to be one of the most costly long-term investments you make. USA Trailcams have thought over this issue, and have worked on making your batteries last throughout the season as well as in extreme weather conditions. This has been done by making the camera capable of handling twelve AA batteries, and using advanced technology to help prevent the batteries from losing energy either in the extreme cold or during simple transmission of energy.

Excellent Storage Potential
Since the camera has no built-in memory, you’re going to need to insert an SD card if you want to save your media. Luckily, this device supports SD/SDHC memory cards with storage capacity of up to 64GB, which should be plenty for your photography or video needs. Once you’ve made some great recordings, if you’d like to transfer them over to your computer then just connect it via the USB cable, which is included with the camera.

What Can It Be Used For?
The MG984G is one of the most versatile trail cameras around, and you can use it for a number of applications, such as:

Hunting - as this is the traditional use of trail cameras, this model can of course be used to monitor the behaviour and scout out the location of animals such as deer, making them easier to hunt.
Animal or event observation/Fauna surveys - if you just want to get great pictures and videos of animals in their natural environment, this camera allows you to get high quality shots which wouldn’t be possible otherwise. You can also remotely view your media quickly and easily thanks to 4G.
Warehouse/Storage/Farm Area Surveillance & Home Security - trail cameras have also become popular for surveillance purposes, and this model is no exception. Real-time alerts can quickly be transmitted to the user so you can deal with potential trespassers.
Farm gates or driveways - again, the great quality images and real-time alerts mean you can see who is entering your property within a matter of seconds.

Once you’ve got your trail camera, it’s just a case of setting it up to match your personal preferences. Using the remote control, you can alter the following settings, to name just a few:

Mode - select whether you want photos and videos recorded in motion detection or timelapse mode. You can even use photo & video mode, where the camera takes a picture then starts recording.
Language - choose from English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and more.
Image size - 1.3MP, 5MP, 8MP and 12MP image sizes are all available. 30MP is the highest quality but the number of images that can be stored is reduced.
Video resolution - select from 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720 or 640 x 480.
Shooting no. - choose how many pictures are taken in succession when the camera is activated.

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