Spypoint Link-S LTE 4G Cellular Trail Camera

Check Out the New 2018 Spypoint Link-S LTE 4G Cellular Trail Camera .................



Check Out the New 2018 Spypoint Link-S LTE 4G Cellular Trail Camera

If you are in the market for a new trail camera, then look no further than the latest from Spypoint. Well known for manufacturing innovative, premium products for hunting industries abroad, you can be confident that their latest camera comes with the precision and quality you would expect from their brand.

In this blog, we take a look at the features of the latest Spypoint Link-S and why you should consider it for your next trail camera purchase.

Easy activation and cloud communication

Straight away, the Spypoint Link-S screams user-friendliness. The design is simple but effective, and the activation is the easiest currently on the market, with a pre-activated SIM card included that can be connected to any of the leading telecommunications providers in Australia.

The free Skypoint app allows you to manage your account, camera settings and photos and allows you to store your pictures in the cloud for easy access anywhere in Australia or from overseas. Best of all, its connectivity comes with an in-built GPS that transmits the location of the camera even when it has been turned off, helping to prevent theft.

A game changer for animal trailing & security both!

When it comes to the camera’s functionality it’s still leading the market. With a 0.07 millisecond trigger speed and blur reduction technology, they are definitely one of the fastest cameras available today, making it perfect for animal trailing in any location.

If you’re planning to trail at night or use the Link-S as a security camera for your home or business, the new model also comes with Black Flash LEDs, along with infrared boost technology, to maximise the image quality at night, making it the ideal solution for night footage.

As for battery life, if this camera took 15 pictures during the day and another 15 pictures at night every 24 hours, it would last almost 3 months on one set of AA lithium batteries, a perfect complement for its 4G control capabilities. This is the camera to choose for distant locations.

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If you are considering purchasing the 2018 Spypoint Link-S in Australia and want the best price, then you’re in the right place. Pro’s Choice is Australia’s largest trail cameras online retailer, committed to providing the best brand products at the lowest prices. We currently offer the Link-S under the RRP and provide even further discounts if you buy in bulk!

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