Using a Night Vision Camera as a Security Camera

The resolution (or the image quality in simplest terms) of a security camera is a key factor for its effectiveness. If the captured images are low in quality and the objects (people, vehicles and animals) are barely identifiable, the footage becomes hardly useful. That is why the security camera technicians always place.......

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Using a Night Vision Camera as a Security Camera

The resolution (or the image quality in simplest terms) of a security camera is a key factor for its effectiveness. If the captured images are low in quality and the objects (people, vehicles and animals) are barely identifiable, the footage becomes hardly useful. That is why the security camera technicians always place the cameras where there is adequate light. However, just because a particular place doesn’t have adequate light, you don’t want to compromise the place’s security. Also, it is useless to install security cameras that work in the presence of light only; what about the night time? This is when you need to rely on a better and reliable option and to not compromise the security of your residence, office, workshop or store.


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The best option to capture images even under very bad lighting conditions is installing a night vision security camera. Technically, night vision cameras are made to work under extremely bad lighting conditions and provide images that have potential value as footage. Thanks to the advancements of modern technology, night vision cameras are now capable of capturing even video footage under bad light conditions. Apart from night time, these cameras are capable of capturing crystal clear images of dark places and places in shadows.

Night vision cameras to strengthen security strategies

Basically, night vision cameras work perfectly outdoors and indoors alike. A good night vision camera is useful to detect incidents take place either at night or in any bad light conditions. Modern night vision cameras operate with the help of infrared technology, and these lights are capable of detecting and recording images and videos even in the darkest hours at night. This is a great relief for those who prefer extra security of their house, businesses, warehouses, etc.

How do these night vision cameras work?

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The technology behind the night vision cameras is infrared. Unlike natural light, infrared light is not visible to the human eye. Contrastingly to visible, natural light, infrared light has longer wavelength and a lower frequency. The term, infrared, refers to ‘below red’; scientifically, the colour red has the longest wavelength when it comes to naturally visible light. By nature, every physical object in the real world has some sort of temperature. Night vision cameras have infrared LED lights in them (these lights are positioned around the camera lens). The cameras can capture the information of the objects in night time with the help of these infrared lights. Regardless of the condition(s) of the surrounding area, infrared cameras can operate smoothly and deliver what you expect.

Interestingly, infrared can travel through disturbances, like thick fog and dust, making it the right kind of security option for your residence, office, yard, factory, warehouse or anywhere else.

Generally, when there is an adequate amount of lights, these cameras are capable of giving a full coloured picture. As it gets dark, and when there is not enough light for natural visibility, the camera will automatically switch into “night mode” and start to give you black and white images.

What determines the ability of the night vision?

The best way to determine the capturing ability of a night vision camera is to test it under potential dark conditions before you actually purchase it. However, the ability of a night vision camera is measured by ‘lux’. In fact, lux represents the amount of light a particular night vision camera needs to produce a clear picture with enough details. So, if your camera shows a very low lux value, it requires less light to produce a picture. If a particular camera reads a lux value of 0.0, it requires no light at all to capture a clear, detailed image.

Another way to check the quality of the camera is by determining the distance it can see in complete darkness. In fact, this distance depends on the number of LEDs mounted around the lens of the camera. You may select the appropriate camera for your property by determining the distance you want to cover. The technician who installs the camera will assist you in this case if you are unable to figure it out. There are indoor and outdoor night vision cameras for you to select depending on your need. However, don’t use indoor cameras to cover outdoors or vice versa as it may not deliver what you expect.

Why should you consider buying a good night vision camera?

Although there are different types of night vision cameras on the market, not all of those cameras are going to serve every purpose. Therefore, it is important for you to know how to select the ideal night vision camera for your goal.Security Camera

Determine the age of the camera
Never buy a used (or refurbished) night vision camera just because it is cheap. In fact, cameras that are older than one year might not be compatible with the modern requirements. Different generations of cameras feature huge differences in quality – falling for an old camera will make you vulnerable to some threats. On the other hand, buying an old camera for a cheaper price will not be cost effective as you may have to replace it pretty soon; thus, costing you additional money.

Check the compatibility
Modern high-quality night vision cameras are manufactured to be compatible with all the operating systems, including Windows, Apple and Android. Before you make the purchase, however, you should make sure if the particular camera works with the system you wish to operate with. Particularly, when you intend to use such a camera for security reason, you should check if it supports your operating system. Additionally, it is a huge bonus if your camera has the ability to send you the captured images and footage even when you are away; mobile apps, emails, MMS, etc. are the mediums camera systems would use in such cases.

Determine the purpose clearly
You need to make a clear picture of the purpose of using a night vision camera; in this case, it is for security purposes. Determine the range you need to cover, the place you are going to position the camera, whether you are going to place it outdoors or indoors (or both) and the amount of cameras you need for proper coverage.

What colour mode?
Be sure about the colour mode you require. Unlike earlier years, most of the modern night vision cameras are capable of providing colour images even during night. Select a camera that has a very low lux amount and higher resolution. Don’t compromise on the quality of the image over colours; there are superb night vision cameras in the modern market to provide high-resolution images even in the poorest of light conditions.

What is the viewing distance of infrared?
It is always important to know the infrared viewing distance of your night vision camera before you buy it. Although cameras claim different viewing distances, you should be sure about the distance. If a particular camera says that it can view an object from a 80ft distance, you must make sure whether that is the viewing distance under natural conditions or under bad lighting conditions. Be sure to verify the amount of distance you can see in the total darkness.

Using a night vision camera for your business place  

Unlike few decades ago, businesses are heavily dependent on security cameras in terms of a safety precaution. In fact, security cameras have become one of the essential elements of any business nowadays. Protection for an office premise is compulsory; most of the offices (excluding the ones operated at night) are not under the supervision of any person. Such a situation makes your office vulnerable to intruders to come and gather valuable information, documents and perhaps even money. Once the night vision cameras are placed inside the premises to cover the office area, the monitoring person (the designated security officer) can observe what exactly going on inside the office; he doesn’t have to move an inch!

If you end up with a good camera, the quality of the images will be excellent – each and every detail in the photo will be perfectly identifiable even when there is complete darkness. The infrared cameras are light sensitive; they automatically turn into night mode in the absence of light in order to provide you with the most detailed footage when necessary.

The main advantage of the black and white images that are taken in the dark is that they are crystal clear. No grainy textures will be available on these images even though they were taken under poor light conditions.

Apart from the office area, you can use these night vision cameras to cover stores, parking area, warehouses, corridors, entrances, hallways and any other place as per your wish, no matter if it is outdoor or indoor. However, you should be wise enough to select the right kind of camera to match the location (indoor cameras are not suitable for outdoors and vice versa is also true).

Regardless of the model you select, make sure that you read the manufacturer’s instructions clearly before installing them.  Or simply give us call or contact us at

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