Why Your Next Trail Camera Needs To Come From Pro?s Choice

why the cheapest trail camera retailer is never the best, helping you?make a safer, more informed choice. Read on to find out more..............

Why Your Next Trail Camera Needs To Come From Pro?s Choice?

Why Your Next Trail Camera Needs To Come From Pro?s Choice

Trail cameras are a rapidly expanding market, with specialist retailers devoted to these products springing up every day. However, not all of these stores are created equal. As with any popular technology, there are an exploding number of fly-by-night retailers offering seemingly too good to be true prices on the latest models. While their prices may be cheap, that low cost has to be reflected in your customer experience somewhere. In this blog we?ll explain why the cheapest trail camera retailer is never the best, helping you make a safer, more informed choice. Read on to find out more.

The perils of drop shipping

A startling number of online retailers of trail cameras are what?s referred to as drop shipping businesses. Drop shipping businesses are a new invention for the eCommerce era, composed of a small online business responsible for taking orders, processing payments and interacting with clients, and a manufacturer or supplier who will actually maintains stock and fulfils the orders. The business will be purely online and will not hold any stock on hand, and so will most likely not be an official distributor or reseller of the brands they sell.

This high-speed, low-drag, on-demand business structure offers significant cost-savings for business owners and customers at the expense of everything else. You?ll likely receive subpar customer service from the business owner, who?s only skill may be identifying a commercially-viable niche and may lack the knowledge needed to correctly guide customers to the right product. If you?re not an expert in trail cameras, you could end up with something wildly inappropriate for your needs based on the advice of a technologically ignorant but commercially savvy drop shipper. Additionally, your camera may take longer to ship and arrive in the post in a worse condition than you?d like, as it will most likely have to be shipped internationally and

Furthermore, customers won?t be able to access their warranty through the local outlet. This is for several reasons ? one, by not being an official reseller, the local outlet won?t have any authority to claim on the warranty on behalf of the customer; two, being an online only business, they?ll lack the space needed to store the returned item and the replacement camera.

Offering our customers more

Choosing Pro?s Choice means being able to take advantage of our five guarantees. These are at the core of our business, and have been designed to ensure that each customer gets the very best experience when they shop with us. We guarantee:


1.?????? The best price in Australia.
2.?????? Excellent customer service and Unlimited Lifetime Technical Support
3.?????? GENUINE Products shipped from Warehouse in Australia
4.?????? *2 YEARS AUSSIE Warranty since we are an Australian company.
5.?????? RISK - FREE 60 days money back (if you changed your mind about the purchase.)


We know that a trail camera is not just a significant investment, but one that plays an integral role in your hunting/security/conversation operations. That?s why we take the time to ensure that all of our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase, offering ample opportunity to talk to experts and ? where necessary ? quickly and easily exchange their camera for a different one.

The choice of professionals

When you buy from Pro?s Choice, you?re joining a club composed of some of the most respected and important organisations in the country. Everyone from local councils to Commonwealth government bodies, major farming operations, state police departments and leading businesses choose Pro?s Choice as their supplier of trail cameras, and with good reason. Our strong, official connections to the world?s leading suppliers and manufacturers of these devices gives them peace of mind that they?re only get the best and most capable pieces of equipment for their needs.

In scenarios such as police operations or when protecting valuable farming or industrial equipment, you need to be able to count on your trail camera implicitly. When deployed as a security measure or to gather evidence, individuals need the total confidence that comes from knowing that their device will do its job and do it well. That?s why Pro?s Choice is the preferred supplier for individuals and organisations working in these challenging, demanding settings. Only we can provide equipment from some of the world?s leading brands, backed up by the full manufacturer?s warranty, so you?re always in the safest hands when something goes wrong.

A dedication to satisfaction


Find out why so many of Australia?s most knowledgeable hunters, security experts, wildlife conservations, government organisations and businesses choose Pro?s Choice for their trail cameras and chat to our experienced team today. We?ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about your new camera, ensuring that you?re getting exactly what you need. Talk to us to learn more.?

Why Your Next Trail Camera Needs To Come From Pro?s Choice?

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