Browning Spec Ops Extreme

The latest and greatest from Browning Firearm manufacturer now comes "Spe Ops Extreme" the ultimate trail camera............


Browning Spec Ops Extreme BTC-8FHD-PX

Here at Pro’s Choice, we’re passionate about all things related to trail cameras, and as such we’re always excited to let you know about great new products that are hitting the website. One great example that we think you’d be interested in is the Browning Spec Ops Extreme; which is a brand new, updated model for 2017. Whether you need this camera for hunting purposes, wildlife photography/surveillance, or as an excellent security measure, we’re confident you’ll be impressed with this quality product.

A Brand that Always Fires
Choosing a brand that you can trust is the first step when it comes to finding the perfect trail camera for your needs. One brand that you can’t go wrong with, and that has a history of quality, is Browning; a company who have been manufacturing arms since 1879. With an industry that requires such precision and technical prowess, it’s no surprise that Browning’s trail cameras have also been designed to a superior standard. Since they’ve moved into the industry, they have brought that same attention to detail and expert craftsmanship to the camera industry. Browning’s cameras have been designed with user-friendliness in mind, and the Spec Ops Extreme is no exception.

Unbeatable Quality Images
Obviously, the most important thing to consider when buying a trail camera is the quality of the pictures it takes. The Spec Ops Extreme boasts an incredible 20 megapixels; meaning any images you capture will be of a stunning quality. This has various benefits - whether you want images of wildlife that would look at home in any magazine, or you want to be able to easily identify intruders or criminals, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed with what this camera can do.

Spec Ops Extreme

Crystal Clear Video
It’s not just about photos - if you want superior videos then this camera can also deliver. The Spec Ops features 1920 x 1080 full HD video quality, with great audio too; meaning you’ll love looking back through all the great footage you’ve collected during the day! It will almost be as though you were there yourself, so if immersive video is what you’re after from your trail camera, this model is the ideal choice.

Rapid Trigger Speed
If you want a product you can rely upon, then one of the things you need to be sure of is a fast trigger speed (ie, how quickly images/video are taken after movement is detected by the camera). If your camera can’t react quickly enough, then your target will have moved out of the frame by the time the shot is taken. With a lighting fast 0.4 second trigger speed, that’s not a problem you need to worry about with the Browning Spec Ops Extreme. There’s also the option of taking 8 rapid fire shots in 2 seconds, so the chances of getting a memorable shot are high!

Fast Recovery Speed
Recovery speed is often overlooked when it comes to selecting the perfect trail camera; but it’s also a hugely important factor when you’re looking at a particular model’s performance. Recovery time is, in other words, the time it takes for the camera to take a shot, store it to memory, and then be ready for the next shot. Just like the trigger speed, if your recovery time is several seconds or more, you’ll most likely miss out on the best shots. At just 0.8 seconds, the recovery time on the Spec Ops is exceptional; meaning you’ll be able to get a high number of quality photos before your target moves on.

Infra-Red Technology
If you want round the clock performance that you can rely on, then it’s no use having a product that won’t work as well when the sun goes down. Whether you’re trying to capture images and video of two legged or four legged subjects, there’s a good chance you’ll have a better chance of doing so at night. A bright white flash will spook any animals (or intruders) that appear, but with Browning’s innovative IR illumination technology, you can discreetly get great, high quality images and video of any game, or people who come into view.

Superior Range
Another thing you’ve got to think about when you’re deciding on a camera is its range - in other words, how large the field of view is and how far away your targets can be whilst still being able to get pictures and footage of them. With a detection range of 80 feet, as well as a flash range of the same distance, you’ll be able to monitor large areas to maximise your chances of a great end result.

Used by the Professionals
We didn’t come up with our name by accident - our cameras are some of the finest out there, and they’re used by a wide range of professionals in various different professions. This particular model is favoured by law enforcement, thanks to its top quality performance, versatility, and inconspicuous nature, so if you’re looking to make your job of catching criminals easier then it’s the smart choice. It’s also favoured by local councils, who are often in need of a convenient solution for catching people who engage in illegal rubbish dumping, vandalism, and many other crimes that would otherwise go unsolved. If it’s good enough for these organisations, we’re sure it will also suit all of your needs; whatever you require it for!

Spec Ops Extreme

SDXC Compatible
Brand new for 2017 is the ability for this model to work with SDXC memory cards up to an incredible 512 GB! It’s no good getting great shots if you don’t have the storage capacity to keep more than a few at any one time, but with the options available to you here, you can save, store, and retain all of your images and video. If you don’t want to let the perfect shots slip through your grasp, then this camera is the smart choice.

Get it Here!

If you like the sound of this camera, then Pro’s Choice is your ideal destination to pick it up yourself online, for a great price and with maximum convenience! With superior images and video, lightning fast speeds, and a host of other top features, it’s a great choice for a range of purposes. Whether you need the camera for security, surveillance, or simply getting superior wildlife footage; we’re sure you’ll find that the Spec Ops is up to the task.

Click here for the Browning Spec Ops Extreme Trail Camera. If you’d like any more information about this particular model, or you just want some general advice, then feel free to get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to help.

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