Partnership with WildTiger

WildTiger is a small private sector organisation dedicated to conservation of big cats, and helping improve their relationship with humans in a mutually beneficial way, so both species can co-exist peacefully. They specialise in research and development, and working towards excellent conservation solutions............


Partnership with WildTiger

There are few sights in the natural world as captivating as that of a big cat, but unfortunately these majestic creatures often struggle to co-exist with humans. With numbers of Tigers, Leopards, and other big cats at a dangerously low level, unless action is taken we may not be seeing these animals in their natural habitat for much longer. That’s the issue that WildTiger is seeking to address, and Pro’s Choice is playing a valuable role in assisting this process. We’re proud to announce that we’re partnering with the organisation; providing effective surveillance solutions in the form of our wildlife trail cameras.

Who is WildTiger?

WildTiger is a small private sector organisation dedicated to conservation of big cats founded by  Jack Kinross, and helping improve their relationship with humans in a mutually beneficial way, so both species can co-exist peacefully. They specialise in research and development, and working towards excellent conservation solutions. At present, there is a lot of conflict, which has resulted in the loss of life of humans, big cats, and livestock, but with the fieldwork WildTiger (and the Leopard Task Force; an initiative of the organisation) are carrying out, steps are being made to resolve some of these issues.

About the Leopard Task Force

The brainchild of WildTiger; the Leopard Task Force is dedicated to keeping the various species of leopard safe, and improving relations with the local people across various countries. Whether they’re being hunted for their pelts, as trophies, or for their body parts (which are thought to have medicinal properties in some cultures), these magnificent animals are often under threat from humans. As their habitats decrease, they come into contact with people more often, and are also killed when they attack livestock or humans. While they remain the most widespread of all the big cats, leopard populations are suffering, and they’re in need of an organisation that will help protect them, whilst staying sympathetic to people who have been affected as well.

Partnership with WildTiger

Leopard Rewilding Program

The Leopard Task Force is also involved with establishing specialist leopard rescue and rehabilitation facilities; including the Leopard Rewilding Program (LRP) which is in its test phase in Nepal. This initiative began with the cub Asa, who was rehabilitated with specialist handlers, and his behaviour studied. Eventually Asa was released, and is currently living independently. While this program is still in its infancy, currently more cats are being prepared for rewilding in areas where the natural population is low. As this occurs, technology such as tracking devices, and camera traps, will be important when it comes to monitoring the success of this initiative, and that’s where we come in!

How does Pro’s Choice Fit In?

A big part of conservation involves surveillance of the cats themselves, and who better to choose than Pro’s Choice? With a vast range of quality products available from our website, our cameras will be put to good use in even the most remote and hard to reach areas, and we’re glad to be doing our bit to make a difference, with a cause that’s close to our hearts.

Part of the reason WildTiger has chosen Pro’s Choice as a technology partner is because of how useful wildlife cameras can be when it comes to the business of wildlife conservation. Getting images and video of the big cats in question can help people locate the animals and learn more about their behaviour, so they can be studied more effectively. Advanced surveillance equipment is also vital when it comes to locating man-eating big cats, and resolving conflict with the locals who may have suffered or lost family members.

Trail Cameras for Wildlife Photography

Here at Pro’s Choice we’ve got plenty of options to choose from when it comes to wildlife cameras, from some of the top brands in the industry, such as Browning, Bushnell, ScoutGuard, Moultrie, and many more. Our equipment is a convenient and effective option for obtaining footage that would otherwise be difficult, not to mention dangerous! Our cameras allow you to set up your equipment in your chosen location, and then simply go about your daily business while waiting for the camera to send you pictures and video remotely.

With a range of features, you can be sure that our cameras will deliver, and give you superb results every time. With quality night vision (which is essential, since this is when many big cats are active), together with rapid trigger speeds and a wide field of view, you won’t miss a shot! They also feature effective camouflage, as well as crystal clear images and video. As technology progresses, these products are also getting more advanced, and many of these cutting-edge models can send footage straight to your phone within a matter of seconds. If you’re trying to locate a particular cat, the speed with which these products operate can be invaluable, and might be the difference between catching an animal or failing to do so.

What’s the Plan for the Future?

WildTiger is currently doing extensive fieldwork; testing and implementing new strategies to be used going forward, and forming collaborations and partnerships with various companies who can help the organisation grow and thrive. Pro’s Choice is one of these partners, and we’re happy to be playing a part when it comes to the testing and implementation of new strategies, that will help human and big cat co-existence in the future. If you want to learn more about the organisation, head over to the WildTiger and WildLeopard websites.

Find Your Own Wildlife Surveillance Solution

If you’re interested in wildlife surveillance yourself and want to pick up some of the best wildlife cameras around, or even if you’d also like to enquire about partnering with us here at Pro’s Choice, then don’t hesitate to get in touch, and we’ll be happy to discuss it, or advise you on suitable products. We offer some of the most advanced technology in the industry; making it easier than ever to get superior results, and at competitive prices. Whether you’re undertaking groundbreaking conservation research, or you’re just looking for quality images to enjoy, we’re sure we’ll have something to suit your requirements

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