Dual-Lens Technology ? The Latest Innovation for Trail Cameras

Dual-Lens Technology - Latest Innovation for Trail Cameras ..................

Dual-Lens Technology ? The Latest Innovation for Trail Cameras

In the market for a new trail camera but not sure what type of images you?ll be taking? Daytime or nighttime photos? Maybe it?s a mixture? Whatever the case may be, a dual-lens camera may be the ideal solution to your problem.

Pro?s Choice have a great range of dual-lens cameras available online, with a few high-quality trail cameras making the most of the technology this year. Our selection includes some of the USA?s leading camera brands, available at the best prices in Australia. Read on to discover the great options available.


Browning Strike Force Pro XD

A leader in the USA and worldwide, Browning stand out from the competition each year. Not only do they provide their customers with reliable cameras that can withstand the toughest weather conditions, they consistently produce quality images and incorporate new, beneficial technology. Their Strike Force Pro is no exception, offering dual-lens technology that is designed to use one dedicated lens for daytime images and videos and another lens for night-time images and videos. A user-friendly camera, the Strike Force is one of Browning?s best sellers and with this new feature there?s little surprise why!

View the Browning Strike Force Pro XD?camera.

Browning Dark Ops Pro XD

Not only have Browning incorporated dual-lens technology onto their Strike Force camera range, they have also included it in their competitive Dark Ops brand. Another user-friendly best-seller, the Dark Ops Pro XD offers the most robust features in the Dark Ops series. The dual-lens technology included is the same as in the Strike Force, providing photographers with crisp daytime pictures and video, as well as clear night time imagery. Coupled with a range of other useful features, the Browning Dark Ops Pro is definitely a must-have for serious trail photographers.

View the Browning Dark Ops Pro XD?camera.

Stealth Cam DS4K

The Stealth Cam brand has been around since 2000 and has only been improving ever since. Providing new innovative features each year, the latest DS4K offers dual-lens technology for photographs to ensure you?re getting the best of both worlds from your images. Get stunning and lifelike colours in daytime and crisp, detailed images at night all without disturbing the wildlife.

View the Stealth Cam DS4K?camera.


The Pro?s Choice difference

At Pro?s Choice we?re committed to providing our customers with the highest quality cameras at the most affordable prices. Discover our great range of dual-lens cameras and find your next trail camera today.

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